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Multidirectional growth


Yep I would echo PEanist

This is the same reason that i am into bodybuilding.

Being better built (from being a skinny-assed teenager) gives me an edge over all the lazy guys out there who can’t be arsed working out.

What a nightmare it would be if everyone out there worked out as religiously as i do - then i would lose my edge.

Same applies to pe - i am doing this to get an edge - not to have any chicks i am with say “yawn an 8 inch dick, you’re average - who cares” - I want them to say “wow - you’re huge”.

Sorry but i need that edge - and i hate being average. In anything.

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>…get ahead…<

would seem to underline the point at the near end of my post imo. Which also questions the pe’ers motive who says they do it for the women (and not for themselves).

The only reason i say that is because the two thoughts go hand in and in reference to the power and control issues i mentioned; not to create anything negative.

My main point in all this is that PE (which is valid, real and it works) is beneficial in more areas than just enlargement and that aspect is not taken into account enough imo, (psychological enhancements) as well as discounted.
I believe the psychological growths that can occur along side of penile enhancement can unleash plateaus as well as enhance the penile growth process more so (especially for the slow gainers) imo.

I’m a little off topic with the upstart of this thread, but i wanted to interject these things since someone had mentioned in this thread they didn’t want others to learn of pe.

life is short, enjoy it while you can at Thunders Place.

Psychological benefits yes, but I have realized significant physiological plusses as well. My erections are stronger, urine flow stronger and my dick looks healthier, irregardless of size gains.

I agree with bigJ and PEanist

why even pe if every other guy in the world will have an 8 incher

i want this for myself but also to set myself apart from the majority of men (dont like being average )


Off Topic; final reply...

Hey guys, I originally applied with:

1-Having trouble understanding the logic….

2- Stated an indirect opinion…

3- Asked questions….

Well, obviously i managed to get my questions answered for the most part. Although there was a mixture of contention in the underlying tones, the relies i received went smoother than i expected.

My whole point in replying to jelq4lifes statement is to say “take a deeper look at pe” (look at it in color). Pe is benefical in Penile enhancement as well as enhancement of the person.
For the most part i’d guess a good number of people come into the world of pe initially out of curiosity and/or from experienceing emotions of inferiority.

Every technique i use to try and help people to understand that if we grow in both areas (penile enhancement and person enhancement, which should be (and often is) a by-product of the penile enhancement), then one will compliment the other and pe will imo come more timely with greater results, gets discounted.

The following statements i recieved should be re-considered and looked at in reference to the simple point i was trying to make:

>Being better built…gives me an “edge” over all the “lazy” guys…<

>What a “nightmare” it would be if everyone worked out…then i would “lose” my edge<

>The “same” thing applies to pe<

>…i “need” that edge…<

> Why do pe if 50 % of the guys in the world will have 8” dicks<

* Because some skinny guy just doesn’t feel a need to pump iron doesn’t mean he is lazy.

* If everyone pe’ed, your life woundn’t have to turn into a nightmare.

* The same does not have to apply to pe.

* Is it true that we “need” that edge? [“need” could more often be used in reference to a life or death situation].

* If 50% of men pe’ed, would it be necessary to stop penile enhancement (which gives size increase as well as ‘health’)?

Dawolf: Penile enhancement includes both penile enlargement and penile health (they go together).

PEanist: Good posting.

One point though:

>Pe allows people who are below average (or “think” they are)…<

Just for clarification, that is a “feeling” and not a thought.

Okay guys, Thank you for your responses and for being good sports about all this. Happy PE’ing and Be Well.

life is short, enjoy it while you can at Thunders Place.

Hi, had to respond to this drifting thread. Remember the “why do you want a bigger one” in the poll forum? Do porno?…no. Bragging rites?…no. Under endowed?…no. I had to say no to all of the reasons given. But a refusal to be average in any area I can change? Oh hell yea!!! BigJ, thanks for defining the hidden majority in PE. Sure, some guys feel very insecure about their willie, and some want to do porno. But the overwhelming & consistent “vibe” I get reading the rest of the posts is guys that feel compelled to grow and improve in all ways possible. Yes, some guys lift weights so the babes will like them ( try developing a personality instead)For others it’s an awakening, a compulsion, an underlying aspect of their personality. They say “ I can do this, I can grow and transform and improve, I can be better than I am”

I also think this is why Thunders is so welcoming to new people. My life is a journey and an adventure, a process of self actualization, of becoming a better person. Few are willing to join me on such a journey. Those that are, Ill help as much as I can. I feel that most of the guys here, each in there own way are on a similar journey, and have a similar view on life.

I don’t think we need to worry about to many PEing. Every year we learn more about how the body works and how to be healthy and in shape. Every year more people become morbidly obese. Crazy isn’t it? They just can’t take charge of their personal reality. I am sure that the number of PErs will grow as knowledge spreads, but only to a point. Most guys simply won’t do it! At school I am always meeting guys young enough to be my sons that say “holly shit! I wish I was in your shape!” If I offer to show them how, or even suggest “well you could…” They become uncomfortable and starting giving all sorts of BS reasons. Doesn’t work for me, no time, someday, etc. Its hard for us to conceive, but PE? Most guys just won’t do it!!!!!!!!

Running a Massive Co-Front.


Firstly, thanks boxcar I enjoy your posts.

If everyone had 7” or more than it would seem that women would search for something else for us to improve on—such as personality. I just can not understand the use of a 10”-12” johnson. If I had a 10” flacid penis I would probably injure myself somehow.


I agree with Iamaru. The statistical bell curve holds true for any effort on the part of human beings. There are a few A’s, some B’s, many C and D’s, etc. Most people do not start or finish much of anything past eat, sleep and eliminate. Sociologists, advertisers , bankers and politicians know this.

Agreed with Iamaru.

Even if pe was to be reckognized by the medical profession even then only a minor few would have the dedication needed to actually presevere and make it work; the majority would fall out after a few weeks. Just look at the sportschool; many newbees who drop out after they find out that working out takes more then just a “cool outfit”, something that takes most only a few weeks to discover.

As to “needing a bigger dick to impress the ladies” or men if thats what your into, if the sole reason for a woman wanting to have sex with me would be my “big dick” then I’m not certain whether or not I should hang out with that woman in the first place; I prefer to think that the woman that hangs out with me and who desires to have sex with me is in my life because she feels attracted to the totality of my person; mental, psychological and lastly physical, and not because of a single physiological characteristic.

If I would need a big dick in order to be attractive to women then I think I should ask myself what it is that I lack in all other areas of my totality that needs a big dick to compensate for it.

My personal reason for being into pe is simple: I like the idea of having a big dick..:D So its just an indulgence; I’ve never felt any insecurities regarding my flaccid or erect dicksize and I agree with those who already stated that this is most likely the reason for many others to be involved in pe.

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>>If everyone had 7” or more than it would seem that women would search for something else for us to improve on—such as personality. <<

Whether guys here understand this or not, personality *IS* what women want us to improve, far above our penis size.

It’s just that cranking on our cocks is SO MUCH EASIER than working on complex personalities.

And we all know that is too true…

well yall are right on saying that if pe does become know to the majority of men only a few will do it. my proof here are the ages of my best friends 17,18 my brother 19 I talk about jelqing and hanging all the time and even tell them of all of you out there gaining and still none of them will even try to jelq for even a month been thrying to get my brother to do that one. so i guess that we wont have to worry about every guy having a dick as big as ares.


All day stretchers

This is a very good idea— if you can keep something hanging on your penis all day long of some weight ,it will undoubtedly elongate the penis over time by causing a stretch and therefore replication to respond to the stress. I tried this with a lock ( 1/3 lb )and it felt good, did not affect my urinating and in short was satisfactory - except that it fell off in the middle of office hours! Fortunately, I was alone at the time. I have a friend who is using shackles (?) with success.

If you hang 20lbs for twenty minutes then you have hung 400 lb/minutes. If you hang a half lb weight (lock or shackle) for 8 hrs that calculates out to 480 minutes times 1/2 or 240 lb/minutes. That’s nothing to sneeze at and it is a lot less effor than hanging,and probably safer from the point of view of injury to the dorsal nerve of the penis.

"Bikers Hang"

I personally think it would be more on the safe side to at least debate this subject from all angles prior to just jumping into it because it may feel good.
I’m still not convinced the Bikers Hang is all that beneficial as well as safe as far as pe gains are concerned.

Just my personal opinion of course.

life is short, enjoy it while you can at Thunders Place.

I would really like someone to prove that the biker hang gives the same benefits as hanging. However, if you compair it to either building muscle or increasing flexibility, it just aint so.

Lets say that instead of curling 50lbs for 12 reps 2 to 3 times a week I curl 2lbs, 300 reps 2 to 3 times a week. I wont get a bigger arm. Ah, but we are not talking building muscle you say?

Well, you can spend 8 hours a day pretending to stretch out and you will never be able to do the splits. Instead spend 30mn a day really stretching and you WILL see improvment in flexibility. I think that light stretching (ADS) wont do much…UNLESS you are doing it to keep the micro damage open while healing. In order to increas muscle mass or increase the length/flexibility og ligs & tendons you must push the envelope of what your body can currently do. Otherwise you won’t get growth.

Please, someone prove me wrong on this, I would love to run aroung with a 1/2 pound weight all day & get a bigger dick.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

PEanist and j4life…

Y’all have nothing to worry about. PE is hard work and most guys are not going to put the time or effort into it. Most guys want the “quick fix,” and that is what makes the pill pushers rich.

Go ahead and share the “secret.”


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