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Multi-Stage Clamping Experiment

Multi-Stage Clamping Experiment

Anybody have any success with multi-stage clamping? In an effort to shake up my routine, I broke my PE workout into two stages today. The first was around 9 am:

5 min warm wrap
5 min jelqing
3 x 10 minute clamping (air clamp)

When I finished stage 1, I rinsed my unit in cold water and put on a Therawrap for ADS.

The second stage started at 11:30 am:

3 x 10 minute clamping (air clamp)

When I finished with this experiment, my dick was noticeably plumper than normal after my usual PE session and brick hard. I put on my Therawrap again, which I will wear for the rest of the day. That was about 30 minutes ago. I’m still pretty hard and looking at my dick can see noticeable stretch marks all along the shaft.

Anyone else try this and reap any lasting rewards from it?

Well good luck. I am still experimenting myself.

What is air clamp?

Yes good luck.

I’ve been testing two clamp sessions a day for a while now but have not been able to balance them out to the point where the second session is fully comfortable.

Hope you find better success

Originally Posted by Nissen
What is air clamp?

Monty, a Commercial member designed an air-clamp based on the same principal as a blood-pressure pump, only a smaller wrap to fit your dick instead of your arm.

This is Monty’s description quoted off his site:-

This is a pneumatic version of a cable or hose clamp. These are so easy to use. Pull yourself flaccid, wrap around your shaft at the base. Tighten the valve and give one pump. Now get yourself 80% erect and slide the unit toward your pelvic. Now pump until you ach if you want. Fits girths from 4 to 6 inches.

His site is


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This sounds similar to my Clamping to simulate priapism thread. I think it definitely has potential to increase size. Have a read of my thread above and see what you think. Our methods are a little different…

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