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Mouse under the rug

Mouse under the rug

While the penis can be stretched externally by pumping and pulling, it is also possible to stretch it internally by forcing it to enlarge simply by pressure on the exiting veins, thus inhibiting the outflow of blood by squeezing forcefully with the thumb and forefinger. The amount of pressure applied can easily increase the pressure in the distal penis so the the urethral opening is stretched open and the sensation is pleasantly painful.

How to do it:

Lying on your back in a semi aroused condition, place the index, middle and ring fingers over the base of the penis in the area of the bulbous cavernosus ( back near the anus and feeling it through the scrotum). Kegel and you will feel the bulbal part rise up . As it does so , let the fingers- starting with the ring finger and followed by the mid and index in that order- ride up over the kegel as it moves towards the head and , as it passes under them - like a mouse under a rug- close the fingers (ring, middle and then index) tightly around the penis. Each successive Kegel will increase the pressure attained in the penis. Done frequently and held for times of 1-2 minutes this is another effective way of increasing girth

Good to see you around Boxcar, it sounds like you might be on to something here. Tell me a little more if you would. How long have you been doing this? How muched have you gained from this?


All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.

Hi Boxcar,

It sounds a bit like Bib’s “jelq BTB” (jelq behind the balls)…


Does sound familar, good theory or have you gotten gains from this allready?

I cannot say that for certain, there is a gain in girth because I haen’t measured in a while, but I am content - just from looking at it in the engorged state with the urethra open due to the pressure on it from internally—that there has to be an effect. You can feel the tissues stretching which is kind of painfully pleasant . Anyway, aside from submitting a picture of the effect, you’ll have to take my word for it- there is pressure big time—- or try it yourself.

Since doing P.E. in summer 2001 , I have grown from 5 x 4 to 7.5 x 7, and I have to say, both my wife and I enjoy the changes. And when in Jamaica at my favorite nude beach, I now walk proudly and am only occasionally the “small” guy.

That is immense girth gains. I have just tried it, do you make a ring with your fingers and thumb? How much do you press down? And finally what other girth exercises have you done to gain 3” in girth.

I never had much success with Bibs take on this exercise though it sounded really good when I read it. I think your approach sounds interesting and worth some merit. I think I’ll try again since I’m now working on developing a good girth routine.


Is it just me?...

I can’t see what it is you are doing here..

How do you close your fingers around your penis after the kegel if they are back near your anus?

Surely your body is in the way of closing them? Or are you pushing the fingers against your body to close off the blood?

See Ya,


Darwins PE: Yes the girth gains are spectacular ( I think ) and much more so than my growth in length. I think that is probably just peculiar to me— thicker but not so long. I have gained the girth primarily from jelking (500/5 times a week - STRONG.) And a fair amount of time in a tube with negative pressure around 10mm Hg. But I am impressed that this exercise seems to be the most productive (and I might add, makes me horny as hell)

Big} Your lower hand’s index, ring and middle fingers are lying across the bulbocavernosus part of your penis ,which you are feeling through the scrotum.Your hand is just anterior to the anus.Now , if you do a kegel, you will feel the penis swell up starting at the bulbous or posterior part. Let it slide under your ring finger, then your middle finger and then your index finger, tightening those fingers as the bulge proceeds towards the Glans (like a mouse under a rug.) Squeeze after the bulge passes by and hold. When ready, Kegel again and add another aliquot of blood to the stuffed penis , stretching it even more. Reepeat and repeat and repeat——ooh ! feels so great!

Cheers Boxcar,

Going add in to my routine.

Wizard !!! Make it bulge and scream for release.


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