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Motivation? Interesting story.

Motivation? Interesting story.

Hey guys,

Background info: My girlfriend knows about my PE work out. She has told me repeatedly that I do NOT need it. That she is perfectly happy with my size. I told her that I am going for 8X6.5 and it is for myself………..she still mentions that I don’t need it, but I just say thanks and keep going with my PE.

I did my intense jelq session today. Then I stopped by my girlfriend’s house on my way to work. Well….to make a long story short……she was horny and we began to fool around. I had some swelling (not to bad by definitely added atleast .25” to my girth). She noticed the swelling imediately. She said “Oh my God! You feel very thick.” I explained that I was just swollen and that it gets like this for a few hours after jelqing. She then said, “I don’t think I could get it in my mouth.” She then tried and couldn’t get more then 1” beyond the head without scraping her teeth on me. She then looked up at me with this little grin on her face and said, “I want to see what it feels like inside me.” She crawled up my body until we were face to face. She then took my penis in hand and began to guide it into her. As she slid down beyond the head she sighed deeply and said “Oh my god.” She felt incredibly tight. We had to really work it to get me inside of her. She moaned and said to me, “I can feel it stretching me…….I feel sooooo full.” ………I whispered in her ear, “I thought you didn’t want me to get any bigger.” She responded, “Ok if you can get to this size girth….please do, but not too much length.”……………

Well it was great sex and she loved it and told me after that she felt a bit “stretched”, but she will keep kegeling to make sure it doesn’t stay that way……..she then asked me when my next intense Jelq session was going to be……….LOL

I doubt that I was at 6.5” girth when we had sex……..but maybe…..more insperation to get to that goal.


1999: 6" EBPL X 5.25" EG ~ 2001: 7" EBPL X 5.75" EG ~ 2003: 7.25" EBPL X 6" EG

Current (Jan 2013): 7.125 EBPL X 6"EG ~ GOAL = 7+" (anything more is fine) EBPL X 6.5" EG

Nice dude! If that does-not give you hope nothing will!

Also try this after a nice jelqing session wear a pair of tight pants and go where there is a lot of women…they notice!! does the trick for me considering i dont have a girl right now.


Thisis the essence of PE. Your girlfriend got a taste of what “BIGGER” really means. My wife told me that she was happy with my dick. However, when I addeed 2 1/4 inch in length and 1 1/4 inch on girth, she said “I really like your new size.” I am sure that many others on this forum have heard the same thing. Keep at your program and you will hear her say. “Oh my god, I can hardly take it!”

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Good Deal.....


I’m on the opposite end! I’m at 6.25 Girth and about 6.75 length. I’m wanting length so bad but it’s taking me a good deal of time because I have tough ligs. My girth gains, and I know I’m lucky, come at will. When I hit my goal of 8”, I’m gonna scoot on up to 6.75 in girth and call it a life! G-spot orgasms will be like taking candy from a baby!

Hey vegetagd,

I’m a hard gainer all around….length & girth.

What have you done to get to 6.25”? Do you have your routine listed?


1999: 6" EBPL X 5.25" EG ~ 2001: 7" EBPL X 5.75" EG ~ 2003: 7.25" EBPL X 6" EG

Current (Jan 2013): 7.125 EBPL X 6"EG ~ GOAL = 7+" (anything more is fine) EBPL X 6.5" EG

Most rewarding thing is a womens response

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

It's what we work for


You received the response that we all work for. I also told my g/f that I was PEing and she wasn’t too pleased (I also had a bit of ED caused by overwork so I can see why she wasn’t so thrilled about it). I stopped because of the associated ED difficulty I had but will be starting up again soon.

I hope that I received the desired response this time!


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