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Most insanely bad PE practices (New Year Resolutions)


Most insanely bad PE practices (New Year Resolutions)

Well I’m jumping the gun by a few days but just wanted to start the ball rolling on this! This post is about bad practices of doing PE, really f’n bad, things everyone should put on their New Year Resolutions list not to ever do. Again, as the case may be ;) I’ll start of with the old favorite demon, clamping…

Clamping (double clamping actually), in bed, late at night, after a few drinks. Don’t ask me why - I just thought it was a good idea at the time. Overenthusiasm mixed with newbie hopes and dreams; that could all too easily have been shattered. A few minutes into the “excercise” I nodded off to sleep. I started awake and the horror of the situation dawned on me… I looked down. Phew, I was OK - I must have only nodded off for a couple of minutes. There and then I removed all PE items from within reach of my bed and vowed never to clamp and to drastically cut down on PE.

Which lasted for a week. Now like an addict I’m back on the PE and even clamp occasionally… most days. But never in bed and never drunk.


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I wonder how bad that could have been really, surely not amputation. Some blood must get through still.


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Originally Posted by marauder
I wonder how bad that could have been really, surely not amputation. Some blood must get through still.

I wondered too. Best case: thrombosis and black discoloration. Worst case: tissue death, gangrene… I don’t know really. I bet some poor sod somewhere out of the 50,000 members has suffered it though.

Nothing bad would have happened probably.

Your erection would have subsided.

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Originally Posted by ThunderSS
The user name “Stupid Ass” is still available, if needed.

Thanks, I’ll pass. Hell, I’m justing putting it out there. My bad, only success stories allowed on Thunders ;)

Hmm. Sometimes it’s difficult to sort stupid from experimental. Even apart from that, getting a grasp of what is too much vs. ok isn’t easy, even when trying to be sensible.

The most insane PE routine I’ve done was horrendously extreme Extreme Ulis. That’s a form of “clamping” in case new guys unfamiliar with the term “extreme Uli” are wondering. I loosened the clamp several times during each set to kegel in more blood and then retightened, adding more pressure as my penis expanded. EU’s done properly shut off all blood flow and the final tightening builds a tremendous amount of pressure. At times the stinging in ends of my CC’s was so bad my eyes watered as I paced around counting down the minutes and seconds until the end of the set. This was hell on my skin. Eventually I was shedding small blood clots (like sesame seeds) from around my circ scar.

The only lasting thing I got out of that routine was bad discoloration. I have no intention of ever trying high intensity again. It doesn’t work for me.

True. His idea for an “I did this and it fucked me or nearly fucked me” thread isn’t bad though.

Hey there! We all agree that wasn’t so bright, but I’ve gotta to give him props just the same.

b105366 started this thread which is potentially both hilarious and informative; and he put his money where his mouth is: he bravely shared his stupidity with us.

Right on, man. :thumbs:

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I fell asleep hanging a long time ago. It was my third hanging session and I had a permanent bruise on my glans that only now after I have started PE again and been sticking through it has it gone away completely. I wish I had stuck with it back then, I would be huge.. Even earlier I was turned off by PE when I started getting “Red Dots” and back then know body was around to tell me that was OK. Man, I wish I would have started this 6 years ago when I first found out about it.

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I hung drunk once with heavy weight it wasn’t a very good idea I had the dumb ass name that night

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