Alittle late to this party but here’s my input. I can remember as a kid my grandma telling my grandpa to sip up his pants or his horse would get out. He grinned at me and said “that horse won’t get out, it can’t even get up!” I laughed my butt off and got to thinking I don’t want to be in my 60’s and not be able to get it up. So I wonder… when do we expect our tools to stop being useable? It is my belief that as long as we are Peing, we should have an extended use factor. All be it, I’m sure momma and me are going to be pretty wrinkled by then. Scary thought to some, but she’s seen me naked she knows the faults and the PLUS’S (thanks to Thunders group) and I can’t help but think that I will always have this insatiable desire to have her as long as we possibly can.