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Morning Wood


Morning Wood

I seem to be having difficulty loosing my morning wood. It seems to last near an hour upon waking before it subsides. I don ‘t recall having this problem before as I think my wood would go away pretty quick after waking up.

Things that are new include clamping, which I started just a couple of weeks ago and seems to be synced up with the timing of my situation. I also just came off of a week of daily Viagra usage (averaged 1 full tablet per day) I did not have the morning wood problem I am describing the week I did the Viagra. It started a couple of mornings after my last dose.

Anyone else PEing have this problem?


Why would you call it a problem anyway? Besides, some people have complained about not having their morning wood though. One among other positive remarks that I have made since I PE is that I always have morning wood ,and of course it last, but not that one hour long :)

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Problem??? If you could sell your “problem” you would be a rich man.

You live in New Hampshire. Throw some snow on it and it will go down. :)

Guess its not a problem per say but an hour seems way long as if something may not be right so I wanted to get some feedback.

There is nothing wrong. You may have some residual effects from the Viagra as you were taking quite a high dose, I am assuming 100mg pill.

In the future, use the minimum Viagra dose to get the job done. It seems most guys including me get great results splitting the pill into quarters for a 25mg dose.

Yeah I don’t see that as a problem either. I never have morning wood and would probably be shocked if I ever woke up with it.

Morning wood is a positive PI. I’d be thankful you’re in the right direction.

If you really need it to go away, a thing I do:

Point your penis straight up, and put the band of your pants (sweat pants usually) over it. It will hold it up, keep it from being extremely noticeable, and it was subside eventually.

I know what you mean man, I get wood like that sometimes.

But…It’s not a problem. If it didn’t subside after 4 hours and was painful, that’s priapism and that IS a problem.

Thankfully I live alone, so I can walk around with an erect cock and no one will see it (could be bad depending on how you look at that).

Cum vinum intrat, exit sapientia

I have a similar problem, if you want to call it that. A few times it has lasted 2-3 hours and gets a bit painful. And here’s the weird thing. I ejaculate, sometimes more than once, and I’m STILL 100% hard for however long it finally decides to slowly go down.

The morning wood that gets me and makes no sense to me at all, is I’ll be driving to work and all of a sudden my dick decides to check out the surroundings.

By the time I get in the parking lot I’m rock hard!!

It’s not all the time, just when junior decides to pop up!!

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I’m with you Formula1. Maybe it’s my age(I’m 44) but I haven’t had morning wood in a very long time. I don’t smoke, drink, do drugs, not stressed at all, love my job, workout everyday(3 days weights, 20 minute cardio sessions everyday on my stationary bike) not overweight by a long shot and do my PE routinely.

I’m 63 and about 80% hard every am and once in awhile really solid. Takes about an hour to go down. With a little stimulation I have been able to stay pretty hard for up to two hours. But if I get up and walk around I can seldom keep it up more than a minute or so. How am I doing for my age ?

I would rather have morning wood than a limp one, any day of the year. I am having serious wood clamping, but I consider it a gift.

Clamping seems to have been giving me more spontaneous erections since I started. This may be the reason.

Spank it ‘til it goes away.

Horny Bastard

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