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Morning Wood

Morning Wood

Hey guys its been a while since I posted, so here I am again.

Today my GF decided to surprise me with a blow job wakening. Basically I woke up to a nice dick suck, and when I looked down to see what’s going on down there, I was surprised at the size of my cock, it was about a centimeter (maybe more shorter) but much thicker, to a point where I felt her teeth grinding on my cock…. Not a very pleasant feeling.

Now, this thread doesn’t really contain anything educational or a question of any kind, I am just sharing my observation and wanna hear some comments on it

Well I guess I could squeeze out a question if I try… should I perhaps do a nice jelqing/clamping session right in the morning to capture the already expanded penis in that state ?

Did anyone else experience something similar ? comments ? anything goes.

Originally Posted by tblpidar
it was about a centimeter (maybe more shorter) but much thicker, to a point where I felt her teeth grinding on my cock

Huh? Location USA, centimeter?

You lost me. Are you saying it was limped out or are you saying you woke with some incredible morning wood only to discover your GF latched on it like a lamprey eel?

A beautiful way to wake I might add.

I remember my GF did this to me a couple of times - way back when.
Then dummy me had to make the comment that when I woke I thought it was because I was going to piss the bed.
I’ve never gotten that since.

Yes sir it is a beautiful thing to wake up from a sound sleep blowing your load.
You just know the rest of the day is going to be good.


That’s a nice way to wake up. And morning wood is always huge.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Surely beats the alarm clock.

Why won’t any of my bitches do this? Perhaps I am meeting the wrong girls.


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