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Morning Wood

Morning Wood

Been jelqing and manual stretching for about 6 months now - recently I’ve noticed that I don’t seem to have a morning erection any more, also I’ve noticed that my penis, when soft, is kind of “tough” in texture. I’m pretty sure I used to have an erection when waking most mornings. Anybody else have similar experiences?

Hi Brucey nice to meet you,

There are a lot of people who talk about the effects of jelqing/stretching on erectile function. Intense Jelqing is seen as a major contributor. Are you suffering from any other Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or is it just the morning wood?

Avocet8 posted this thread with links to ED sites. If you are worried stop your PE’ing for a short period to see if you recover. It would be good to know the kind of program you follow, how many days on/rest days you take.

Jelqing will make your penis tougher, its having to survive a fair amount of force and the blood supply has been increased dramaticaly.

Hi Brucey,

I have been doing PE off and on for some time. I am middle aged and I still get morning erections.

I hope this encourages you.

Best of luck guy!


Hmmm, I’ve been doing PE for slightly over 4 and a half months (the last 2.5 months have been brutal, 2 hours plus a night) and if anything my morning hard-on’s are much harder, sometimes to the point that they hurt…


Your over doing it, you penis is fatigued to much to even get a hard on at night. Take a break and than cut back on your work out maybe don’t do it so close to bed. With some rest and a less strenuous workout you should notice the night wood back. And don’t stretch to hard.


Woody Woodpecker


Don’t play tricks on your minds with the morning wood issue! Phat9 occasionally likes to point out that nocturnal erections are healthy for your dick. I would agree so far. And fortunately I am aware of my nocturnal erections, because sometimes I wake up by them. With the morning wood it’s different: sometimes they happen, sometimes the don’t. But I don’t get the point. In the morning I just need to touch my girl’s skin and my dick starts growing. As soon as she feels it knocking at her, she’ll pull the blanket down to give it a big happy smile and to stroke it… but that’s a different story. Back to the morning woody: To some degree I share the opinion, that the urge to urinate, the pressure on the prostate, will trigger an erection. To some degree I share the opinion that the high testosterone level will be the cause. But I really think you should include other aspects to your analysis and comparing yourself to others. Regularwhite seems not to have a permanent sexual relationship going on, since he’s talking about PE sessions during the night. Maybe he also shares the view not to wank after PEing. I wouldn’t be surprised to wake up having an almost hurting erection with such a lifestyle. But on the other hand, if someone has a lot of sex throughout the week (for me it’s one to two times per day) and a 5 days on 2 days off PE routine. I’d wonder what a hurting morning woody - or the lack of it - should indicate.

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