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Morning Wood, clamped!

Morning Wood, clamped!

Whoa fellas, I did some serious jelqing last night, along with some other fun exercises, I pumped for about half an hour the night before that, & all this after taking a tab of Cialis. This morning I had some time to just lay in bed after waking up with some major morning wood so I reached over to the night stand for one of my clamps. I torqued down on said clamp & oh buddy what a wonderful session I had, junior was at such full attention I thought he was going to burst! I’m fairly vascular but what a turn on it was to really see my units veins & arteries bulging with such ferocity. My cock head was a beautiful shade of purple & mushroomed out like never before, my girth was maxed out at 6.25” as I keigeled like never before which kept my pulsing unit dancing all over the place throughout this 20 minute clamping session. I’m thinking of making this an every morning workout if time permits & I was just wondering if anyone else has tried this type of routine, had any success, is 20 minutes too long? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys, Oli

I do this pretty much every morning. I wake up a good 30-40 min. before my partner, so I just clamp, kegel and stay warm under the covers until she stirs. I’ve been clamping for many months and so now feel comfortable for 20-30 min. My main guidelines are coldness and numbness, which can both be monitored without visual examination.

I regard this as a freebie — pre-warmed, no effort to get or maintain the erection, no time out of my busy day :-)

Oh yea I do agree on the freebie there plustwo. Have you seen any gains from this as you say you’ve been at it for many months. Yes I keep check on any numbness & temp, DAMN it was so hot this morning it felt like a branding iron!

Oli, I try to get three 20-30 min. double-clamped sessions in per day, plus some hanging. I pump when I can find the extra time, which is not frequently these days. Definite girth gains since I’ve been clamping (regular double-clamping for only the past two months, though). I decided to target girth arround that time. Was a pumping fanatic prior to that. Will have to re-measure one of these days :-)

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