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More pics like lilbig's!

More pics like lilbig's!

I would just like to make a suggestion for everyone out there that owns a digital camera and is making gains. It would be great if we could have more documentation like lilbig’s pics. His pics are one of the primary reasons I have not yet dismissed all this as BS. So for all of you making gains, get out the tape measure and the ruler and show us! If we can get photographic evidence that we can see is from the same penis, it would really keep some of us slow gainers motivated.



if i will have any gains i will send a pic!

I took some of my 7” bpel. Will post when I reach 8” with those ones together.

I am building a weapon of ass destruction!

Hey Guys,

Bogava makes a great point here. One of my biggest regrets is NOT documenting by gains using pictures and measurements.

For all you newbies just starting out take the time to document your starting size as well as your progress along the way.

As a PE veteran I would love to have compared my starting size of just under 6 inches to my current enlarged size. Because I will tell you that while i continue to grow the increases are so small that there is no way to notice the change without going back several months.

Consider this as a required part of your PE program if you are so inclined.

On documenting baseline...

Yep, I messed up too. Did not doc the starting point. Wish I did now, though. I guess it is never too late.


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