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More member pics needed


More member pics needed

It would be nice to be able to watch more good quality pics from members having made consistent gains, “before” and “after” pictures. There’re still a lot of skeptical people, including myself as I haven’t gained anything from jelqing, who would be forced to conclude that PE really works. These pics, if there are a lot of them, would bother the urologists who claim loud and clear that PE doesn’t work and is dangerous. Besides, if it’s not dangerous, the after pics would prove it. When I have a digital camera, I will post my “before” pics.

I am not sure how many men want to post their pictures. It would be nice to have this type of proof from every member but it is not going to happen. The photos posted in the members picture forum would be proof enough for me if I was skeptical. There are wonderful submissions in that forum that should be enough to satisfy you. It is admirable that you want to be part of the proof in that forum and I think the fact that you plan to post a starting picture means you already have faith as starting picture insinuates before. Go on that faith and the selection of before and after we have. The real proof will come in the form of your own gains.

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I don’t think that any proof is needed. Thunders’ is not here to sell you something, it’s a place where men come to discuss PE. If you don’t beleive all the guys on here, then that’s your problem.

It doesn’t sound like he has a problem; proof isn’t really what’s being asked for. It sounds like he’s seeking some affirmation, maybe inspiration. There’s a difference.

Originally posted by dewey
It doesn't sound like he has a problem; proof isn't really what's being asked for. It sounds like he's seeking some affirmation, maybe inspiration. There's a difference.

In that case I would suggest he look at Y-Guys pictures. Very inspiring very affirming.

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Does anyone know how to upload pics on to the site?

Originally Posted by jjc1234me
Does anyone know how to upload pics on to the site?


I think you would be best having a look in the newbie forum, and read the guidelines there.

You cannot load the pics in the Members pics forum until you have posted (I believe 20) posts, but you might try uploading to the Newbie forum and a Mod will - If he or she thinks it appropriate - then transfer it to the member’s pic forum. It might not be immediate though (that’s just a comment to prepare you in case it is refused, But that is rather rare)

If having read the guidelines and you want more info; try opening a thread and you will be helped from there.

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True ppl are just interested on difference. Well I’ve been pe for a month I wish I would of taken b4 and after on my first month though I will take a pic and several months later I will take another 4 comparison.

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Hey GainerGuy, it’s time that you give a read to the Forum Guidelines. Chat speaking is a no-no here.

He’s an Ex Member now. But to anyone else PE does work!! I’ll probably post some pictures in a year or so.

Guys, it’s a very nice idea to take some pictures for you, not necessarily for any one else. Suddenly it is 2012 and you have gained two inches in length and 2/3 of an inch in girth. Trust me on this, suddenly you will be wishing that you had “baby pictures” to compare your new wang too.

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iamaru, I did exactly what you said. When I started I took some starting/before pictures for myself. I hope one day I will have some significant after pictures as well. I have a long way to go before I get there.

I don’t know if I will ever post them because I am not comfortable posting them on the Internet.

Take care and happy gains,

4Foreskin ;)

These pics, if there are a lot of them, would bother the urologists who claim loud and clear that PE doesn’t work

If a urologist makes that claim, they never spent 1/2 hour honestly reading posts on this forum. And no amount of picture posting will change their closed mind. Their loss.

As a nub to the forums I will be taking pics of before.when I started a week ago. Although I wish I had taken pics the day I started PE as my flaccid length has increased noticeably. I guess taking pics now as a starting point isn’t a bad idea. My wife noticed a difference in fullness/EQ going into week two of PE. :)

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