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More member pics needed


Yes thanks for saying that

I’m currently putting together very clean nice pictures of before and after.. My computer was down for quite sometime and haven’t been able to get them on here or for that matter on here period. It’s nice to see more pics to see if it really does help..

For myself, I have started at 7 half” length and 6 to 6 and half” girth which was nice but since then I have actually gained a good half inch and some.. My girth has been nice but I’m not sure if I understand all the diff techniques still to help that..

Anyway, as of now, I’m 8 and quarter fully erect inches length and still about 6” girth.. Is that normal progress for about a 7 month time frame.?

One last thing, I have noticed a little change in shape.. My penis was always a little curved left but it’s straight perfect looking.. I do have a little curve in the way you could say from shaft and tip upwards which I love and spouse loves.. I didn’t know this could happen by simply jelqing consistently : )

Originally Posted by Insane_Man

I don’t think that any proof is needed. Thunders’ is not here to sell you something, it’s a place where men come to discuss PE. If you don’t beleive all the guys on here, then that’s your problem.

It’s not a belief it helps inspire others.

He kinda has a point.. The biggest gainers here usually have zero pictures at all yet somehow because they post a lot here / made some crazy contraptions we need to believe in their stories 100%. I’m not doubting PE - I saw Bennets before + after pics and they are really the only ones that are taken 100% correctly from the same angle and show amazing growth. There is a huge gap between showing proper pics and inspiring other members and having pictures that are highly questionable. Just my 2 cents.

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