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More girth on shaft and head

More girth on shaft and head

OK, if you want more girth on your shaft and head, use clamping. Being clamped, do whatever of the following exercies: slow jelqing with two fingers, applying pressure to the whole penis (a towel will help, you put it over your dick and then you press down with both hands, standing up and having your genital area at an appropriate height to work it in this way) or doing erect bends. If you´re still not ready to clamp, wait until you are.



Very dangerous stuff perca. You recommendations should contain a warning that they are not for newbies, at least, and dangerous for anyone else as well. Rupture of the corpora cavernosa is very serious and could be the result of what you suggest.

I quote my own words at the end of my post: If you´re still not ready to clamp, wait until you are.

I had ruptured my corpora cavernosa, by clamping with a tight rubber cock ring for long sex making. It toke 8 months to heal it.

OLI`s is the way to go for head girth!

Whats an Oli?

Do you mean Uli, Cause I need more Head Size

I agree.. Whats an Oli? Head size much needed here too.. :(

Uli and jelqing is the way to go for head/upper shaft size.

I’m more than interested in head girth. I started not long ago exercises to work on that. I’m doing what an old member from the spanish forum did.
You do jelquing, low erection (10-30 %) and you stop the OK sign just before the beggining of the head. You keep this way high pressure in it.
The you add even more pressure by pressing the head with the other hand (the one you are not using to jelq). I press just for a few seconds as I dont want to blow it up, then after few seconds I press again… and so. For about 10 min.
I still can’t talk about my own results, but this member had a head wich was smaller than the rest of the pennis. Now it’s the other way arround.

If you think about it it’s just common sense, just getting blood inside the head, having high pressure in it. More or less that’s the way we grow in girth when we do jelquing.

How do you mean to press the head? Press where? On the tip in toward other hand or what?

The way you say is fine. But you also can press any other way you can imagine, like pressing on the top and on the bottom of the head. As long as you make bigger the pressure inside is ok.

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