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When I was younger I used to push down on my erect penis because I wanted to get rid of my upward curve (don’t ask why because I really don’t know). According to this, was I doing the opposite? I think I have less of an upward curve than I used to, but that’s not for sure.

Just a little confused, hope I didn’t mess with this thread too much…

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If you’re about my posts, then, I think, you’ve been doing it right.. If you want upward curve, bend up, if a downward - bend down. I want higher erection angle, maybe some curve. So I bend up right at base.

I am no expert in physiology or PE but I think bending an erect penis is a sure way that leads to injury.

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19.8cm(7.79'')BPELx12.5(4.92'')EG Straightening my unit with the other hand.

Erect bends place a shitload of stress on the tissues that are bent. It isn’t recommended.

regards, mgus

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At least in my case, angle of bend is small. I use only a finger, not a bottle.

Just this week I started jelqing with more upward force( penis pointed down, but bending it up as I jelq). I have a downward curve and would like to straighten it if not make it upward slightly. After clicking on this thread out of curiosity I’ve come up with a plan.

I do edging exercises to increase stamina and I think I am going to incorporate some upward bends(probably start off holding for 5 seconds). As mgus stated, it puts a lot of stress on the tissue so I am going to do it slightly like just a little more than my curve. To see if this really works for me I am going to outline my erect penis on paper,and or use a bendable wire to mark the starting angle. Also, the spot of my bending will be the vertex(if that makes sense) of the bend on my penis.

I’ll admit I am very curious to see how this works. I am going to really take my time and start it off like a snail crawl so I can gauge how it is working and more importantly not hurt little ‘duru.


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