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Mom found out

Good point, Lazy Wally. My dad and bros know about PE from me and I’d imagine my mom knows from when my dad was on it for a while. She’s never said anything, thank God. Once in a while my dad or bros will ask how it’s going, but that’s it. It’s kind of cool being able to not have it be a secretive thing all the time.

I know a girl who talks to her mum openly about their partners. And I mean openly- like a girl would with her best girlfriend. Spare no details. I think that is wrong. A little kinky, but wrong. But I’m hoping to get the mother/daughter team in bed one of these days, that would be something to brag about no doubt.


I dont know if that really had anything to do with anything come to think about it.


I talk like that with my dad, but I think father-son talk is different than mother-daugher when it comes to who you banged last night! LOL

Ha I told my dad because he wouldn’t let go of the fact that I ordered something that he didnt know about, and he said it was temporary, then I told him about my gains, and now he’s like whats the routine! Ahhahahah that was fucking awkard but I put him in his place. NOW WHOS THE BIGGER MAN DAD hahhaha

This thread is fuckin awesome. Knochenbrecher that is one hell of a story dude. My mum is a nosey *cough* mum at the best of times also and is always like “Oh darl can I just check my email our connection is down” whenever she’s round visiting. The ritual is then for me to say “umm yeah, just hold on while I tie up a work email first (while then proceeding to rearrange my desktop etc to remove all traceable sources links to PE/Porn). Last week I just gave up and said “Umm, mum no I’m not really comfortable with you checking your email on my computer actually”. And of course she’s like “why not?” and I go “well actually right now as we speak I am downloading porn and to be honest I’d simply prefer to not share that with you”. Can you imagine the fucking look on her face.that shut her up!

Hell yeah mule, then you know what I’m talking about. Mom is pretty liberal and has always been open with me and my siblings and vise versa. She has not only been a good mother, but also a good friend. I told her and spared no details about the first time I smoked the chronic, when I lost my V, etc.. She is my best friend and I’m really happy with our relationship. Every word that comes out of my mouth to her is the truth and I never lie to her. Whenever I need to get something off of my chest, I rant it off to her. You guys should maybe test your parents reaction by bringing up something private about you or her. It really is revitalizing.

itsgotime…..she know about this?

She knows the ins and outs of my life.


I can’t keep a straight rounitne because of my roomate he’s up or sleep, and I can’t tell when he’s going to get up so I have to sit there and do my workout and if I miss on something I do. I can’t wait till next qrt. and summer, summer i’ll be home and I’ll be the nly one there so I’m hoping to make big gain in the summer. I have thoguht of telling him. but he runs his mouth to much.

Hey West, I had a roommate last year and boy that makes it tough. Anyway, your only option is to take it into the shower, assuming you have private showers. Anyway, just go in, turn the shower head so you don’t get wet and do you workout. If he asked why you were in there so long just tell him you took a shit first, or you had to bust a nut. Also, get to know his schedule so you can do some workouts there if you want. Anyway, your 1 priority is to not get caught, because that last thing you need is him telling the people that you live by that you are pulling on your dick. Anyway, hope this helps.

I also wanted to say that I have been caught PEing, by my sister. By I think she thought I was jerking off so I don’t know if that’s better or worse. Anyway, when I’m home in the summer I have to do my workouts downstairs in my bathroom and the lock on the door don’t work, and it really sucks. Also, last year my roommates girlfriend was using my computer and when she was searching Google the auto helper said PENIS ENLARGEMENT, when she was searching purses or something. I was standing right there and she looked at me and I couldn’t help but laugh. It thought about telling her because she probably thought I had a 4x3 cock but whatever she was a cool girl and didn’t tell anybody.

Starting, Feb. 04' BPEL 5.5, EG 4.5, Feb 06' BEPEL 6.00, EG 5.0

Summer goal- 6.25 BPEL, 5.25 EG, HELP ME GET IT!

hardgainer12, thanks for feeling my problem, but i might have to tell him because his strange sleep pattern will make me miss out on clamping.

Oh I c. Anyway, I really am not to familiar with clamping. How long does it take?

Starting, Feb. 04' BPEL 5.5, EG 4.5, Feb 06' BEPEL 6.00, EG 5.0

Summer goal- 6.25 BPEL, 5.25 EG, HELP ME GET IT!


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