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Modified Fowfer for Erect Length


The benefits of this stretch are:

1: you can keep heat applied throughout the stretch.

2: You can hold it longer.

3: Between active stretches, your unit stays in a semi-stretched state (fowfer.)

4: You can manually simulate BTC hanging and isolate the ligs/base while simultaneously getting a good tunica stretch.

I do my bed fowfers this way.

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This sounds like a great stretch that I will try and report back on.

I have messed around with a variation in the past that works like this. In the morning when my bed is still very warm I sit up with my back against the head board, stretch my dick out with one hand and pull it to the side UNDER one of my partially bent legs. My dick passes just about along the crease where butt cheek becomes leg. Then while holding this stretch I let my leg drop so the weight of it applies a downward stretch force to the shaft. I have not tried this with active heat yet.

It could be a good variation to work in with the BTC stretch you are doing if you want to hit different angles.

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Did any of you gain el from your fowfers and modified fowfers?

I do bed BTC stretches all the time that I’m awake in bed.. Typically about 3 reps of 5 min evening and morning.

Seems to help.. Not sure.

I’m going to add this exercise to my sessions and see how well it pays off. Thanks for the tips Cheeva! :)

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What if you were to hang between the butt checks while laying on your back


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