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Modified Bundled Stretch...

Modified Bundled Stretch...

Guys, I want to hear your opinions about a bundled stretch type which is mentioned as an ”advanced technique” in a paysite at which I am a member for more than a year. According to this site, penis is pulled very hard directly outwards and it is rotated clockwise 20 times and then counterclockwise for 20 times. It is different from DLD’s bundled stretch, because it involves periodic rotations and the release of the penis instead of constantly bundling it.

Soon to be 9''.

I think the exercise you’re describing just means to move your whole hand pulling your penis round in a circle, without twisting the shaft, whereas DLDs Bundled stretch consists of actually twisting the shaft round so that it can take more force when pulling.

Are you doing the paysite stretch with a bundled penis? If you are, then from what I understand, this stretch would allow you to stretch the ligs in different directions with more force.

Of course, I might have completely misunderstood what you meant…

No, no what I mean is twisting the penis on its own axis, not drawing circles. This is the same thing as DLD’S bundled stretch with the difference of periodic twist/release switching.

Soon to be 9''.

Has anyone done this stretch successfully without fucking their dick up?

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