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Mister Twister...

Mister Twister...

Right… my problem is this… when I try and use the PJ vertically rather than horizontally, my penis twists 90 degrees so that I’m PJ’ing horizontally even though I’m holding it vertically - does that make sense? It almost feels like there is a ‘bone’ running horizontally through my penis? My penis is wider than ‘high’ and during an erection seems to get harder down the sides than top to bottom… any ideas on what to do about this? Is it normal, or am I a freak :P


Guess I'm a freak too

Mine twists as well using the Jelq Sticks (go ahead, call me cheap). If I hold them vertically the shaft rotates 45 degrees when I pull. Likewise, hanging weights, sometimes it stays straight, sometimes goes 90 degrees left or right. I haven’t noticed any permanent change from it, so I don’t worry when it happens.


What’s wrong with a twist
if the object’s to screw?


LOL!! It just seems to defy the point of using them horizontally :)

hey Gorf i am the same with the Pj so i just do it “normally” ie top and bottom,how you getting on with the pj ? this is my second week now i think its great but i am going to start ulis soon,also to any other members when you measure pulled flaccid length is this the biggest you can grow erect? or will it get bigger through the PE process? thanks


It’s normal to be wider those chambers are the first to grow the bottom one never gets as big and takes longer to grow, something about if it got to big and hard it would cut off the sperm when it cums out.


Your flaccid stretched length is pretty close with most guys with me it’s almost right on the money thats why they say flaccid size increases seem to come first.



yeah, getting on fine with the PJ. Starting to get the hand of it, and not being afraid to use a _little_ bit more grip. Had a good go last night, sat down on the edge of the seat (armchair), pulling out and slightly down - felt real good. How are you getting on with yours Jaggy? I messaged you regarding the PJ but you must not know how to view private messages.


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