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Minimum amount of PE per day?

Minimum amount of PE per day?

What do think would be the minimum amount of PE per day to still achieve steady gains. I am in college and dont have much time.

This is what I can find time to do now.

10mins Jelq
10 mins DLD blasters
Some bends

What do you think?

I gained very well on basically 10 minutes of jelqing and 5 minutes of girth moves when I started. It was a 30 minute workout recommended by a pay site I joined, but I ignored the stretching, hot wraps, warm up and down things they mentioned, so I was able to pare it down quite a bit…

It worked extremely well for me. I wish hard gainers would give a short and sweet routine a go, to see if they’re slow gains are caused by overtraining…

For the record, I do about 30 minutes now, broken up into sessions throughout the day…

awesome, thats what I wanted to here.

mmac, I understand your time restraints and I think that the program your have posted looks good. I also concur with RB as far as making steady gains with this program. I would however use any additional opportunity to get more in. If you have extra time during the week doubleing up your Jelq routine would be beneficial. RB’s complete progam addresses just this, I think it would be in your best interest to check it out. Welcome to the group.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

Yea these guys are right and as long as you get a good workout in that’s intense enough to leave you with a worked out feeling … should get some results.

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