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microwaveable heating pad?

microwaveable heating pad?

So, this “Mueller cold-hot wrap” purchased from walmart was the second hot wrap that I purchased that can’t be microwaved. The directions say microwave water, then soak it in water for a few minutes. Dammit, that sure is microwaveable (sarcasm). The first “microwavable” wrap was pretty much the same thing, just a different brand.

Do you guys know of any specific heat pad that I could throw directly into the microwave, take it out, and place it directly on my dick to warm it up? I remember somebody posting about some sort of apparatus like this.

A sock full of rice works fine.

The reason I ask for a dedicated microwaveable heat pad is for secrecy reasons. My current cohabitants will be wondering why I have a rice sock.

There’s the one from

(last time this was linked someone complained they got a worm attempting to download itself. Is your virus checker up to date?)


Go to Walgreen’s. They have a product called the Bed Buddy Back Wrap. It costs $15.00. I through mine in the microwave for 1 min 45 sec. It works great and after 40 min. it retains enough heat that it works fine for your warmdown.


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Stevie just posted a nice idea here

Thanks, guys.

Originally Posted by bt
The reason I ask for a dedicated microwaveable heat pad is for secrecy reasons. My current cohabitants will be wondering why I have a rice sock.

Well won’t they wonder why you have a heating pad, as well?

It serves the same purpose, so give them the same reason. And if they continue to bother you, a sock full of nickels will shut them up ;)


Dude! Thats my mom and my little brother you’re talking about!:D

But seriously, I would hate for them to wake up to the smell of burning rice or something. I work until 3AM and I PE until about 4AM, because they’re asleep and I get my privacy that way. I’m going for that bed buddy thing that gprent posted. :)

Go to Target. They have two microwaveable heating packs. Blue Gel. One is long and slender and is supposed to be a head/neck wrap. The other is shorter and rectangular. I opted for the shorter/wider one. I searched around for one for weeks that would accommodate my dick and hanging. It wraps around my dick perfectly below my hanger and I secure it with a piece of scotch tape surrounding my shaft in warmth. Hell, I’m using it right now and have been using it for months. It even comes with a white protective cloth sleeveb (which I never use, it feels better directly against my skin as long as I don’t heat it for too long).

Here, let me take it off for you…..

OK, the exact brand name is called Nexcare and it is made by 3M, the scotch tape people. TARGET!! Under $10 bucks in the drug section close to the knee wraps, ace bandages, etc. It is perfect for PE.

Hope this helps. Peace.

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Now I see, I suppose that the smell of rice could disturb them and then they may hamper your PEing.

Thanks BBS, that sounds a little better than the feet warmer. That, and I live around the corner from target:D

I have a gel pack called Thera-med that I bought at Savon drugs. You may find it at other chain drug stores. It has a cloth envelope with velcro straps. Its 9x5 inches so it will wrap around my dick and I can easily secure it.

check out

this is a heat pad/pouch that you can wear under your briefs and get a hands free warm up. It looks like a thick jock without straps. There was a thread on this a few weeks ago here. It got a positive response from several guys.

The heat level is good and will last 10 to 15 minutes for warm-up sessions. The only disadvantage is it does not completely wrap the penis but the trade off in convenience and comfort is worth it I feel. I still keep my pads that I got from CVS. I don’t remember the label. It comes in a box with a blue gel ice pad which I never use. The heat pad is about 4”x8”. I use it to wrap around my dick and kind of massage it up and down the shaft. This gives a very good warm up but I really like the thermoflex and use it frequently at work for warm ups throughout the day while at work.

It costs $29.95 including shipping.

good luck with your routine

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