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Message for Jelqtoid

Message for Jelqtoid

Hi jelqtoid,

Sorry to keep annoying you about your uroligist mate but this is really the last time i will annoy you about him.

Can you post what his routine was as exactly as possible?

I’m sure this would be of great help to everyone here….

Apologies if you have already posted this (i couldn’t find it), so if you did you could just post a link?

Thanks again (i bet you’re beginning to wish you’d never mentioned it now! ;) )

See Ya,


Hey BigJ,

The Urologist that I know told me that he does about 1 hour and 10 min of PE daily (which he says is an enormous amount of time given his busy schedule). He said that he hangs for about 40 min. in the AM with about 12 lbs. He then does 30 min of slow, intense jelqing in the PM. He emphasized that slow means about 8-10 seconds per pump. He said that he works to maintain a “robust” 3/4 erection in order to get as much blood as possible to get good inflation during jelqing. I have found this to be a small problem, so I get a good skin mag or video if possible in order to get a robust 3/4. I think this makes a big difference since it allows me to get engorgement further down the shaft. Otherwise, only half the penis gets any reasonable engorgement. He was emphatic about the use of moist heat. He said that it helps to reduce the chance of injury and promotes healing afterwards. He said that the tunica must be stretched in order to allow for growth along the shaft and the heat helps to soften it. He uses heat before and after each PE session. Finally, he uses a herbal sublingual liquid to promote increased blood flow to the penis. I have pretty much duplicated his routine. I also use a heating pad with a wet washcloth over top and press this against the pubic area when I hang. I really feel that this improves the lig stretch.

I called him a couple of times after our initial PE discussion (it was at a party and he had been drinking). He is not a close friend, but we play golf together now and then. I think that he is reluctant to talk at length about PE due to his position in the community. I have assured him that I feel the same way about keeping my PE private. I think that I can ask him questions from time to time as long as I don’t overdo it. If you need to know something, I can try to find out for you - just give me a little time.

Good luck with your PE


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Thanks jelktoid,

The information is much appreciated - as you may or may not know i recently injured myself and i suppose the routine that a uroligist does is probably going to be the most sound as regards lessening the likelihood of injuring yourself - i will try this routine when i get back to it hopefully within the next week or two.

ps - how is your peing going using this routine?

See Ya,


Big thanks Jelqtiod

This info is extremely useful. Your relationship with the uroligist and information you can provide is invaluable. Thanks for the contributions.



I have had a very good gain in my initial 7 weeks of PEing. I gained almost 1.25” in EL (no bone pressing) and a full 1” in girth. I started hanging about 2 weeks ago and feel that this is going to get me to my long term goal of a 2.5” gain (from 5.5” EL to 8” EL). I posted my stats on the stats page. I recently added under the legs stretches as recommended by Goingdeep. These seem to be helping also. I have been using Tom Hubbard’s homemade hanger, but I’m trying hard to lay my hands on a Bib (if you have any ideas where I could get one it would be much appreciated). I can see how easy it is to injure oneself. I am ceaselessly amazed by how much physical torture I put my little buddy through and he wakes up every morning looking and feeling fine (and hopefully always a fraction bigger).

Best of luck in your recovery and future PEing.


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Hey Jelktoid:

What is the name of the herbal sublingual liquid your doctor friend takes? And is it available at a GNC or such?


The product is called EXtremeV and is available at I want to emphasize that I do not hawk products. However, I tried this product and it works, so I feel comfortable recommending it.

Best of luck


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!


I’ve noticed you have shown impressive gains in a small amount of time, could you post your routine sometime for us newbies who are about to start a program
I checked your previous posts and saw you were highly intense on jelqing and manual stretches for a month and then incoporated afb2 hanging, but I did not find details on your jelq regimin



Understand that gains of 1.25 inch in length and 1 inchs girth are off the charts gains for a 7 week period. To me if an individual posted those kind of numbers in a full year he would have very respectable progress.

While certain individuals will gain at faster rates than others and losing weight should accelerate the length gains assuming you might gain at this rate is probably unrealistic for 99% of the people performing PE.

JT do you know the model hanger your aquaintance is using?

Yes but whats wrong with asking someone with big gains about their routine

the more routines and information I hear about, usually the more learned I become about variances in PE, the more data I get, the more I can average out the routines and the data


It took me a 21 months to gain 1.75 inches and I’m considered a steady gainer. I have found that a lot of people screw up their first measurement and it seems that gained more than they did. Guys like me in there 30’s plus also seem to get a bigger first gains to the fact that we are recovering lost size. To all you new guys an inch a year is a good goal, if you think your going to get 4 inches or whatever your most likely going to be disappointed. Hey don’t get me wrong some people get 2 inches in less than a year but this out of the norm. You have to think long term. Set short and long time goals. You have to think about what your doing your changing the size of your cock it’s freaking incredible.



absolutely nothing ………… relax

1” gains in 1 month is very unusual. Its good to have big goals but I tell you, it can be very discouraging when you aim for 0.5” - 1” in 1 month and you dont gain anything. My goal is to gain 1/8” per month and if I gain it, Im happy. Sometimes I gain more and get very motivated. 1/8” per month is 1.5” per year. The main thing is to be very patient and set realistic goals, not to say that you wont exceed your goals but try to remain motivated or else you will be your own enemy when it comes to getting the gains you want. I use to measure every 2 weeks and when I didnt see any gains, I would feel somewhat discouraged, so I now measure every month and if I see 1/8” I would have met my goal. But then if I see 0.5” gain which I did once, that motivates me to keep pushing on.


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