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Message for Goingdeep

Message for Goingdeep

Hey Goingdeep,

Howz it going? I posted this as a new thread because I thought it might help some of the other members. I appreciated your message to me about the enlargement strap. I have read pros and cons about it on this forum. I intuitively realized that I needed to stretch after hanging in order to get the best results. I didn’t know about the strap and have been looking for an ADS solution. For now, I have been tugging at my buddy at regular intervals throught the day. I read from one of the posters that he uses an ouchless bandaid that he wraps around the head prior to donning the strap. I am not looking for a strong all day pull, but rather a medium all day pull/extension. What if anything have you done to keep the strap from slipping off? This was the major complaint by other users. I’d appreciate any feedback that you can give me.

Happy hangin


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!


what’s up man… i’m doing good, praying for more gains!!!

I’ll give you as much info as I can about the enlarger strap.

First, it takes some time to get used to. You really have to play around with it to get used the feeling of the rubber and getting the right grip on your penis. I too was having problems getting it to stay on; however, with a little tweaking with the intensity of the wrap around the penis (with the rubber grip) it has been resolved. If you wrap it correctly and with enough tension, IT WONT SLIP OFF.

You want to be as flaccid as possible when wrapping the rubber around your penis. If you are erect, it will slip off as your erection decreases with time. You really want to stretch the rubber and wrap tightly before you strap it on… I repeat, you want to really stretch the rubber and wrap the penis tightly. Be careful as not to tear the rubber because this will make the strap useless.

You can also use a wrap to make it more comfortable. Last night I used a wrap for the first time. I used some old material from some “long johns” that I cut into a strip about the length of my penis. After my last hanging session, I wrapped tightly with the wrap and then attached the enlarger strap. It made the enlarger strap more comfortable and I could go for a very strong pull with the strap without irritating my skin. Then after an hour or so, I took the enlarger strap off and slept with the wrap on. When I wake up this morning, my flaccid was pretty much the size of my erect penis.

With the continued use of the bib and the enlarger strap and wrapping to keep myself stretched during the healing state, my gains have been good in the erect and my flaccid always hangs nicely now. I Never shrink now which is great.

Also, you can adjust the tension with the placement of either the wrap on your penis or the placement of the strap (that connects to the rubber that connect to you penis) on your leg… farther down you leg for more tension or closer to your penis for less tension. So jelkoid, you could easily get a nice pull all day pull with the wrap conspicuously hidden under your pants.

I really think If I could hang in the morning for a couple of sessions, wear the enlarger strap during the day, and continue with my hanging sessions at night with the use of my enlarger strap and wrap at night, I could really catapult my gains. Maybe I should start next month and report to the group.

As with hanging, the key to the enlarger strap is to continue to play with different grips and wraps until you find the one that is perfect for you. I think most people are a little too impatient and give up on things too easily. I mean seriously, if you have had a small penis for however many years, for some it’s 30, 40+ years, what’s a few weeks to see if something works that will drastically change your life, mentally and physically.

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