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Message for all.


Message for all.

I was not claming to be any PE god or anything like that. And believe me for all who think I am seeking attention by the title of my post I get all the attention i need from the girls when they find out my D size me being only 5’6. I was only trying to be of some help but you guys on this board are really disrespectful. I was knew to the board so excuse me for posting stuff that ya’ll already know, I guess I am suppose to read minds too. Whatever you do there are always people trying to give you a hard time, when will it end? If you don’t try to contribute it’s a prob. and if you do contribute it’s a prob. You just can’t please people huh. Well after reading some of those post I’m really not too sure if this forum is something I want to be apart of anymore. Good luck to you all.

Sorry to hear that, Jay. Hopefully you’ll reconsider. Until then, good luck to you, too.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike



Man I think I will continue posting, because i am sue there are good people on this board and those are who I post for, but this is the reason why I have been doing this for about two years and this is the first board I have joined. too many disrespectfull peeps man, its annoying. Man I can say that my gains are satisfactory, and i don’t really fluctuate my program a lot because I am in University so time is limited but over the holiday I will see what i can do and any info i have i will share.


Oh ok.

SWM why are you acting so rude?

You jealous or something?

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No hes not jealous, the guy is just being a bit foolish.. he seeks attention through creating situations which don’t need to be created, in my opinion he has his perceptions wrong. Nothing is anything until its percieved to be, IE this community wasn’t disrespectful until jayroony percieved it to be, and his need to inform everyone made Stillwantmore (and me for that matter) laugh at how unproductive and unnecessary it was to say that.. the materialistic world has this everywhere, and all the people are wondering “ahhh why are people seeing me in that way”, but the fact your thinking “why are people seeing me in that way” is creating the situation in the first place.. if you know what I mean. My bets on a responce to this message along the lines of “EHH YOUR SO WRONG”, but man realise that to your perception it is wrong, but to mine it isn’t, so theres no point trying to enforce your perception cus your just going to piss people off..



I read your first post. All made sense, nicely presented, nothing particularly new but subjects are rehashed day after day here and occassionaly its nice to have a summary. Without discussion this place would become an archive.

I can understand some of the guys responses, if they’ve been here a while they’ve already read an awful lot. For those who are new summary posts are useful, especially coming from someone who has used PE and gained well it provides a template and even for the old dogs the occassional summary serves to provide reminders of important factors.

We seem to have weekly V-stretch variations and new(read old) exercises posted fairly often. This is all good stuff as long as people are willing to discuss it and aren’t trying to post something definitive that they don’t want to discuss.

Hopefully most of the time here we have an attitude where we discuss the content of the post rather than bitch at the poster. You didn’t get this response to your first thread and you should have.


You are coming across as rude as hell in a lot of your recent posts. Whats your problem atm?

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I understand your frustration. However keep in mind that it was a little off putting that one of your first posts you seemed to be offering yourself as a pe guru. Many, especially those who have been around a while and have little gains to boast about may resent it. In retrospect it could have been better accepted if a breif introductory post mentioning good results was offered early. Then, without exception, calls would have been made to you for starting and current stats and details of your routine and experience.
Of course you would have ample opportunity to impart the benefit of your experience to the community. Perhaps of course peicemeal at the beginning then a more comprehensive retrospective of your accumulated konwledge of the subject. Please do re consider leaving this community. I am sure your contributions will be valued in spite of the awkward start.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I read the thread that caused you to consider bolting. It’s not as bad as you’re taking it - save for a few negative comments - some legitimate, and one or two that are simply stupid.
Stick around and share your thoughts whenever you feel like it. If someone replies in an unproductive or hostile way simply ignore them. You have just as much of a right to post here as anyone else.
Also, don’t be deceived by the “post counts” of many here. It’s really easy for people to boost the appearance of their “status” by relentlessly submitting empty posts and vapid opinion (I have a few “turkeys” of my own).
Your heart was in the right place and that’s what matters most. Some who have questioned your intentions would do well to re-examine their own.

Welcome to Thunder’s Place an keep at it Jay


I think you should stay, I have been a member here for 5 months now, and I have noticed that sometime when new members tell of their great success there seems to be an outlash by some members.

It could be jealousy or it might not, I just think you have to remember that you have to be sensitive to the subject even though we are all here for the same reason. Some guys have been PEing for ever and have little gain where as you have had enourmous gain in a rather quick period of time.

Not to say you are bragging or anything like that. I personally enjoyed your post.

You will find there are many people here that will enjoy your comments and having discussions with you, because you do bring some good advice to the table, and we love to hear success stories. You can be a great help to many people here.

As far as the people who are being so disrespectful, they dont have to take part in your threads or anything. The more you post you will begin to notice that only people who are interested to share ideas or talk to you will submit replies.

If people who have been disrespectful continue to add little comments in your thread in the future, then you know there jealous, because they have nothing else to do but be a smart ass.

i hate how all this drama has started and all this guy wanted to do is give a success story and some advice.

Do us a favor and continue posting, I think most of us would appreciate it, and if you can pst those begining pics, I think that would get a lot of people off your back!

Peace bro’

I swear I'm going to stop at 8... ok maybe 8.5 :D

By the way whats your routine?

I swear I'm going to stop at 8... ok maybe 8.5 :D

Okay, I’m the big asshole. I’ll be nicer in the future.

One foot to go

When I look at some of the responses here, some people will never get it, I’m afraid.

Good to see that you’ve decided to stay, Jay. It’s the right move, Bro.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike


Tone is everything. Anyone claiming 3” gains in their first post should have that taken with a pinch of salt but in the end if someone is here to bullshit they’ll reveal it soon enough. Its at least worth giving the benfit of the doubt.

The content of the original thread was all pretty basic stuff though, take the claims out and rejig the title a bit and you have a perfectly ordinary post that anyone could post here without a problem.

The fact that some people have come here to bullshit shouldn’t mean we assume that a new guy is bullshitting.

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