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Sounds interesting. Worth looking into a little more to find out if it really works.

I sent them an email asking if they have anyone doing this in Uk/Europe. As long as it didn’t cost thousands, I would be interested. Everyones bigger bone pressed right?

Feb 2003: 7" BPEL x 5" EG. June 2006: 9" BPEL x 6.5" EG

(6" base girth)

Well, if you have a 1 inch thick fat pad and you reduce it to 1/2 inch, that’s 1/2 inch more you can see of your cock shaft. I am sure best results are dependent on a certain level of not being over weight.

Lost weight, need to help

Meso is mentioned in there too, within the first five or so posts. I think the ABC link is dead though.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Thanks twat,

I did a search on mesoboost on this site but not mesotherapy.

Seems that there is a machine called eporex that gets the ingredients into your body without needles.

Again, I have asked some clinics here in London for some futher info.

I am a regular gym user, I dont have a six pack but more of a 4 pack… I still have at least a 1 inch fat pad. I would like to get rid of all of it!!

Feb 2003: 7" BPEL x 5" EG. June 2006: 9" BPEL x 6.5" EG

(6" base girth)


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