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Men's magazine hints that PE exists? (sort of)

Men's magazine hints that PE exists? (sort of)

Anyone who regularly reads a men’s magazine will have probably come across a readers letter or article on penis size, where so called “experts” go to great lengths to tell men that there’s no way, no how that you’re getting a bigger penis without surgery. Obviously, we all know that that’s a load of rubbish, but this months UK edition of Men’s Health magazine contained the following piece of information:

“Developing your pubococcygeus (PC) muscles can also increase girth a fraction of an inch”. (Pg 71) This is according to sexual therapist Alex Robboy.

I can see what he’s saying, stronger muscles = stronger erections and that could easily account for a small girth increase. So am I getting carried away here or is this another step towards mainstream PE?

Maybe I’ve just missed a load of MH articles on jelqing and clamping!

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As much as I like MH over the rest of the mens health mags out there, imagine if MH replaced the standard monthly ‘Get Ripped Abs in 6 weeks’ or ‘Washboard Abs in time for summer’ for ‘Add 1” in Length in only 6 weeks and make her scream’? Their subscription rate would triple. Too bad it’s all fake right guys? :) Let the rest of the world find out the way you did, through desire, expectation and determination.

As Syndrome said in ‘the Incredibles’: “…and with a whole world full of supers, nobody will be” .

…I like being super.

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