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Men's Health PE article

Men's Health PE article

June 2004 edition, p102

Not a lot of info, so don’t run out and buy it just for this. They ask a Dr. Pryor for his take on different PE products. He poo poos the pills patches and creams but concerning a specific ADS he states: “It’s like a tissue expander, which plastic surgeons use. I’ll bet the penis does get longer.” This product recommends two hours a day for a year. Concerning a pump: It induces the cells to grow because it creates pressure on them. We have seen this in similar circumstances, like with penile implants. It can increase the penis size if used a lot.” This refers to 40 min sessions three to five times a week.

The ADS featured is a noose style and therefore is not a great choice. The pump featured looks like the standard trigger style and standard tube.

What is important is not the brand or products discussed or the routines that they recommend. What I find interesting is the statement that penile implants can possibly cause cell growth due to pressure. Anyone have time for a PubMed search?

That sounds like the best article that has been put out yet. I was wondering when they would do something like that. My dad gets that magazine I think. I will have to check it out.

I think that is a first for Men’s Health. Now where is my issue? Monday’s mail I hope.

It is a little insert in a larger article about PE peddlers and how most of them stand up guys. Funny thing is, I bought the magazine thinking I need to get my mind of PE and school and think about something like working out.

I wouldn’t rush out and buy the magazine for this though, there isn’t really more than what I wrote. You might be happier just looking at page 102 in a supermarket or bookstore.

They need to quite spreading the word or everyone is going to need 10 inches instead of to be big!

starting blocks march 19 2004 6.5 bpel 5.5 girth bpel-7.75 eg- 6 3 months 1.25 inches in length 1/2 in girth. Last month sitting idle because my tool is now black instead of white.

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