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I did stretches with jelqing


>I would do progressive stretches, easing into the stretches rather then just yanking it out there. <

Absolutely, I mention that in the first post. It’s one of those things that is worth highlighting.

>What were your times for holding the stretch when you did this?<

Again, this is in the first post. Typically 3 minutes. You really have to be using your shoulder, using a straight arm and twisting the body to manage that. You should find that gives enough tension. The weak point is always the grip. Two hands is a good alternative but I think you’ll need to be very careful about your posture even more.

>Also you state to do the stretching 1-2 times a day with a 4 hour mini break between, would you do the 2nd set of stretching and the jelqing back to back?<

I think you could do this. When I was doing this routine, 2 sets of stretches was not the normal course. I think you need to consider a second set as a way to boost the work if you’ve been ineffective earlier or if you think you need a little shock. I think a break is probably easier and would make sessions more fruitful.

I hope that helps.



Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Thank you very much MEMENTO.Frankly ,I need advises cause I gained very slowly .The first 2 years gains were amazing, but now Its get hard for me to gain

Sorry, I must have read over that three minute part in your opening post! I’ll incorporate that in my next set or go as close to that as possible and work up to 3 mins if it doesn’t feel right in the coming sessions. Thanks again for all your help and the chance to try a good routine that has shown proven results for many that have tried! I’ll try to do something like : stretching in the morning, jelq in the afternoon and maybe finish off with a good stretch before bed as well, if that feels appropriate for the first week I’ll continue or downgrade if it becomes too much. Then maybe after a month throw in two sets of jelqs instead of one for two weeks or so just to give a little boost and “muscle confusion” (If things are going well). I’ll try to keep things up to date here with the progress of the routine and how it’s going!

Also I do try to keep good posture while doing stretches, I’ve found two hands easier for me as I had surgery on my shoulder a few months back, so I guess you could call it compensating since the strength and motion aren’t 100% in my right shoulder yet (dominant). I do however keep the arms straight, wrist as straight and locked to neutral as possible and defiantly sitting up straight in a sturdy chair for support.

Cool. It looks like you know what you are doing. I think, even at this stage the less is more mantra works. The less work you can do to get the gains, the better. Obviously there comes a time when a certain workload doesn’t cut it. As long as you are judging things by your gains and modifying only when you see gains falter, you are probably doing everything you can. I very rarely doubled up on this routine but I think in many ways I got lucky, riding the right force/work wave I needed for continued gains and that is something that it’s hard to communicate and hard to understand oneself.


Sometimes gains are gains and you have to accept that you are on a slower path than you would like. Many people hit a slowdown as time goes by, it’s the nature of the game. So the questions you have to ask yourself all revolve around consistency, modification when necessary and only when necessary and judging the right amount of work for you at the time. Your routine gave you 1/9” in 3 months, so that’s closing in on 1/2” a year. Sure it would be nice if it were quicker but are you gaining more or less now?

When I cook, I tend to take a new recipe and follow it religiously. Once I understand it, I get to play, to modify it to my taste. I think sensible PE works in the same way.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Thanks MEMENTO,I get it .I will follow your advise

Ok I’ll try to go with one stretching session and one jelq session a day/5 days a week for a month and see where things result from that. I think your right with doing less as for one: you don’t want to over work any muscle and two: doing too much at once now could leave me with no where to go (if and when) I need to shake up the routine too continue gains as they plateau by incorporating muscle confusion.

The penis isn’t a muscle, think of it as complex fascia. Your second point is very much the case. But yeah, PE needs to have an element of the Spanish inquisition.

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Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Thank you for sharing with us your knowledge memento! I’m still a newbie to try this routine, but sure I will do it in the future. How long in the PE do you recommend before starting with it? I love this forum, I can learn many interesting things about our sexuality and also improve my reading and writing in English.

What little I have.

Start with a routine aimed at newbies, continue that until you aren’t getting gains, then consider going up to a more intense routine and start it gradually. Probably 3 month before you should even consider this one and there are maybe better bridging routines because this one is rather intense.

Your English is great.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Almost 2.5 weeks into the program and I must say it’s great! I haven’t really seen much in results, but I haven’t formally measured yet either. I did a quick check yesterday but with some discrepancy, BP length at times was .25” bigger, but I checked 3 times and the measurement varied. Girth didn’t really see a change. Again these aren’t cemented measurements, I’ll wait 2 more weeks for that! However I know EQ has gone up, my unit feels more plump and full throughout the day and I’ve definitely noticed more vein structure coming out! There seems to be more, they seem bigger and more prominent! Which can only be a good sign! I also get a tingling type of sensation mainly around the base of my unit which feels great and is surely a good sign.

About that tingling sensation, I’m assuming feeling it at the base is a sign of the ligaments stretching and more towards length gain, is it right to assume you’d feel the same type of sensation through your whole shaft (mainly the sides) to indicate girth increase? I haven’t had this sensation (at least not nearly as strong) through my whole shaft as compared to the base area. Just wondering if anyone has had experience with this that can comment or if anyone has any opinions!

I think this is a good sign. Feeling the after effect of a session for some time afterwards, maybe into the next day, is good. A feeling of soreness is also good. You might also get occasional shooting pains because you’re disrupting the nerves. Beyond that, if you land in consistent pain that’s bad.

I hope you get some good gains.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

I’ve done the inverted v stretch twice a day with a massaging/breaking the ligs while over the suggested item pressed against my testicles. I find that this gets the same effect as stretching by pulling.

.25” gains BPEL and .5” BPFSL after 6 days, twice a day stretch. I have not done the afternoon routine nor will try it. I am still a noobie. I compensate my newbness with IR heat.


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