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Mem's Momentous Rapid Gain Mechanism

Hi there momento this routine sounds interesting and I mite have to give it a shot. You say you need alot of commitment and dedication for this routine but dont you need that for any pe-ing. If I was to start your routine would you have any tips for me. Thanks bad luck

So I am going to start this routine tomorrow and I was wondering the two days I take off can thay be the weekend or do I have to space them out?

In the first post he mentioned that he prefer 5/2 days. Also, he explained why.
I also suggest You to do 5on/2off, because it’s easier to count if today is workout or rest day and it can me something like full-time job from Monday to Friday.

Try every combination that suits You and choose the best for You. And keep on gaining!

Hi mem I have just finish first week of your routine and it’s top really good. I was reading a part were you was on about rest days and if you feel like you would not need them at the end of the week you felt like your week was a bit of a failure. How would I no if I have dun enough to really need those rest days. My unit feels good the day after any work out routine and ready for more in less I have an injury hope you help.

You have to listen to your body but each day in a 5 day series should be working on tissue damaged the day before. If you can’t feel that during your rest days, it may mean nothing or it may mean you aren’t working hard enough. After a month you should know, I would think you want to ease into this as with any other routine.

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Just thought I would let everyone know I was at a complete stand still with gains for about 3.5 to 4 months, no gains in length or girth.

In 3 weeks of doing this routine I already increased my BPEL by 1/8” and girth (girth has been extremely hard for me to gain) has also increased by 1/8”!!!!

Can’t wait to see where I am after 3 months!

Also it has been stated that this routine is hard work and takes emense dedication is completely true! I think a super important aspect is concentrating on every second of your stretches and jelqs. I close my eyes during my entire routine and visualize the growth, I try to get into almost a meditative state.

It’s good to read about a solid routine that is completely manual. I’m only new here, but I’ve been doing a lot of reading (ever since I found this site I’ve just been reading reading reading!) and all this talk of hanging and pumping and other sorts of devices can get a bit intimidating. I’m not saying devices are wrong, because I’m still considering trying some myself, but it’s just good to find a manual routine that seems to have good gains, something I can have a crack at before diving into the weights and things (once I’ve done the Newbie routine for a decent enough length of time that my dick can handle it anyway). Thanks for sharing, Mem.

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Can someone please draw a picture of the long hold inverted V stretch mem describes as I just can’t picture it.

Many thanks.

Hi yoshi44 with the v stretch how I understood it and do it is I get a bicarbonate of soda pot push it into the base of my unit an the ball sack. Then stretch my unit over the pot so the unit is flat against the pot and pull from the glans down. You should have your legs tight against the pot so it does not move. I am no good at drawing so hope you can understand this.

Hi all you no when stretching how much force am I supposed to use do I pull as hard as I can I am not really sure. When I was hanging it was easy the weights said it all for me hope use can help.

So are you grabbing the penis from under you legs then?

bad luck,

Picture and discussion, earlier in the thread.
RonJeremy789 - Mem’s Momentous Rapid Gain Mechanism

The amount of force has been discussed at some length as well, all the way through.

Threads have advantages in that discussion is easier but laying out information in an easily digestible form is not their strong point. Nonetheless, all the questions you’ve asked will be answered by reading the thread. I would recommend it.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Great Thread

Hey Momento! You have indicated in this post that this routine will gain you 2 inches, 2 inches of what? Girth or length?

I have been doing the inverted V-stretch for a week now. Good results my dick looks bigger and am now measuring 6” flaccid length.

Current 9 july 2013 BPEL 8.7”, mseg 5.7

Immediate goal 9 x 6

Ultimate goal 9.5 x 6.5


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