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Mem's Momentous Rapid Gain Mechanism

Can someone please reply?

First, I doubt Mem was serious about the 2” gains in a short time frame. You’ll be very lucky to gain 2” through several years of PE.

To understand the invervted stretch with the cream tube, look at the videos, the A stretch.

Originally Posted by logan2324
Hi! I read this routine to gain 2 inches rapidly. I do indeed want to increase my size by about an inch. However reading over your routine I became puzzled on how to complete the inverted v-stretch haha so I was wondering if you could tell me how to do it in more simpler terms as I really would like to make gains as your routine advertises ( I don’t really understand the cream pot stuff or the chair placement or what god I’m so confused haha ) ! A reply would be awesome!

V-stretch is a method of stretching in which you add a fulcrum on your penis. There are 2 variations, regular and inverted (also known as A-stretch) and they can be done manually or with some sort of aid.

In V-stretch, you basically stretch your penis outwards and use your fingers to apply downward pressure from the top of the shaft. It can be in the middle, near the top or near the base, it’s good to do it in several places to hit the whole shaft.

In A-stretch, it’s the same thing, but you apply upward pressure from the bottom of the shaft.

When we’re talking about aided V-stretch or A-stretch, you’re usually using something cylindrical (like deodorant spray) to use instead of your fingers to apply the pressure and you stretch the penis over it, following its curve. And that’s pretty much it.

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Now • 6.50''x4.96''

Goal • 7.00''x5.75''


I would work up from the Newbie Routine to this rather than do a quick change, even with your mods. The main question you should probably ask yourself is ‘Am I gaining, right now’. If you are with what you are doing stick with it until you stop and then consider easing into this or another routine.

I think fowfers are probably a waste of time.


Sorry, I know you PMed me this question and I suggested starting a thread to get an answer, so you’ve been waiting for a while. If you’d asked a generic version of the question in the Newbie Forum, you might have your answer already (though things are still slow after the downtime).

Firstly don’t start this routine until you’ve exhausted the lower intensity options. This routine is more aimed at those people with significant PE experience under their belt. It will more likely cause injury, if you don’t have that.

Check the video series for how to do an inverted v-stretch. The video isn’t as I describe it but it may help you get the idea. It’s a simple stretch to do. You take a small tub, like an E-45 cream tub or similar (something smaller and shorter than a can of beans), sit down, place it between your legs on the chair in front of your balls, drape your dick over it. From there pull your penis over the tub, so that it is stretched around it.

Edit: UpTo7 got there first.

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Thanks a lot! Both of you!

How long did it take you to gain 2 inches with this routine?

Ok, so I Will continue with newbie routine, the only modification I’ll do are more stretch, half with fulcrum and half normal stretch, and add jelq with second hand at the base.

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I really need help making length gains. I gained .5 already in girth in one month and nothing in length. How long does it take to gain 2 inches with this routine.

>How long does it take to gain 2 inches with this routine.<

Without attempting to sound harsh, that is a really silly question. That you ask it probably means that you shouldn’t be doing this routine. It is really aimed at those who understand intimately the ins and outs of PE already, especially the ridge between risk and reward. It’s certainly not designed to be the next step on from the Newbie Routine or something to switch to in month two.

Nor is it a cureall or some kind of magic. It’s potentially a basis for your own refinements, if you have the experience, and that’s it. The language used in the initial post is a parody of the kinds of threads designed to draw people which were fairly prevalent at the time of posting. It was a joke, as mentioned in the first post, and if I could unpost it I would. If anything it proves that a set of good ideas posted with sensible language will probably die, whereas mediocre ideas posted with sensationalist language will thrive.

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Hi guys

Have been doing this routine on and off since the start of the year. I have definitely seen an increase in BPFSL, but nothing in BPEL yet. I sense that gains are to be had but that perseverance and technique are key. I will be trying to improve what I do in the coming months - e.g. I think I need to do the routine more intensively (so far I’m nowhere near the 5 days/week level) but also I need to try and build up better quality stretches (ones that I ease into but stretch that bit further) - maybe I can use overall fatigue/soreness after the 5 days as an indicator of correct technique and routine…..

Anyway one question for anyone regarding what you feel in the stretch - I’ve read the whole thread and remember about halfway back someone mentioned feeling a stretch somewhere back inside the body. I have two ways of doing this - the tin can on the chair routine, but also a 63mm plastic pipe over the bannister - for some reason I can feel my BC stretched much more with the pipe/bannister routine after about 10 mins and more. I guess the difference is only that the initial angle of the shaft base is slightly going up with the pipe system, but this BC stretch feels good and I was wondering if anyone else gets/got that and if it’s something I should aim to feel.


Start: 6" BPEL x 5" EG (mid)

Current: 7.562" BPEL x 5.56" EG (mid, near glans) x 6.125" EG (base)

Goal: 8.5" BPEL x 6.2" EG (whole shaft)

I’ve been trying to hold the A stretch for 20 minutes at a time but my hands becomes very tired so I have to stop stretching. Any tips would be great!


Try an inverted v-stretch as described in the first post. You can use both hands then. The A-stretch is not as effective imo. You don’t hold for 20 minutes at a stretch, you hold for 3 minutes or so, release, then hold again. After 20 minutes + breaks you may feel tired but using the shoulder as the mechanism for exerting the strain, a straight arm and trying to minimise the impact on the wrists (again straight is best) should allow you to complete 20 minutes of stretching.


This stretch shouldn’t be hitting muscle at all. If you aren’t stretching the tunica, something is wrong. Easing into the stretch was the best method I found. Maybe this means that you relax enough to hit the right stuff. I would recommend dropping a stretch immediately if it doesn’t feel like you are hitting it right and trying again. Holding on to a dud stretch for a long time, doesn’t seem helpful. I guess experimentation is the key as it’s really hard to describe a feeling effectively but, for me a least, it was obvious when a stretch was good.

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If I were to do just a 2) minuite stretch session in the morning would that you think have the same benefits as the V? I’m starting to do your program but I feel that much of my dick isn’t being stretched by just doing one variation.

Thanks Mem - OK so it’s clear I haven’t got it right yet. Just had a look on wiki to refresh my memory on penile structure. I will experiment to try to get that tunica stretch - I appreciate that it’s a difficult feeling to describe so I’ll play around and see what I get. Doing the chair mode, I do at times I get what feels like more of a superficial stretch, but assumed it was skin etc but actually maybe that’s the tunica….

Start: 6" BPEL x 5" EG (mid)

Current: 7.562" BPEL x 5.56" EG (mid, near glans) x 6.125" EG (base)

Goal: 8.5" BPEL x 6.2" EG (whole shaft)

If you aren’t circumcised, roll back the foreskin to stretch. Skin stretching is fairly obvious, feels like a kind of pinching, I guess.

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