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Mem's Momentous Rapid Gain Mechanism

Hey guys! Not a newbie but been in and out of PE since 2006. Really trying to get back on track and make some solid gains. Just jelqing and manually stretching right now. At what point would it be a good idea to incorporate this routine or aspects of this routine into my own?

I know it’s all dependent upon me but realistically would you guys say after a solid month to 3 months of PE or just go ahead and experiment with it?

Really want to try the inverted/A-stretches!

Please help!

I picked this routine to pick up because it made the most sense to me and keeps me from sitting for 1 1/2 hours in one sitting. I’ve been doing it for a week and feel real good about it. Lol not much hard evidence but I’ll be chiming in with my gains soon enough :)

Just chiming in here again. I’ve been doing this routine faithfully for the past two months and I promise you that you will gain girth, no matter what unless you are doing it wrong. As for length, my flaccid hang went from 3in to about 5in but erect length didn’t budge.

I jelq at 50% - 80% (I am uncut and my penis gets really aroused easily so it is hard for me to jelq at 20% - 30% like I want to)
I recommend duing kegals both on your on and off days.

Bpel: 6.375" (2/22/10)

Bpel: 6.600" (7/26/10)


I’ve always thought that quality of stretches makes a big difference: being warmed at the start, dropping any stretch that isn’t hitting the sweet spot and trying again, etc. I also think that length gains come even if you appear to just be gaining girth. Gains seem to come in spurts. That said, you might try doubling up on the stretch routine for a while or looking at the erection level you jelq at.

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I’ve followed this routine as close as possible for the last month and a half, and so far I’ve gained 3/4in BPEL and around 1/2in EG.

Just make sure you focus on the Stretch or jelq.. I’ve had little success over the past year or so before I tried this routine because I focused on time or while I was doing it I was thinking about what I was going to do later that day. It probably doesn’t help that I wasn’t the most consistent at it, but it definitely didn’t help that my head wasn’t in the right place.

If you focus on what your doing, you will begin to understand exactly how your little guy is responding to what your doing I.e Your jelqing too hard, Your not warmed up enough, Your getting too excited the list goes on.

And don’t forget to keep that rascal warm during the stretch, you will see the difference.

For the long inverted v-stretch hold, can I just pull my dick (with right hand) over 2 fingers of my left hand that push UP under my dick held by my right hand which is pulling DOWN over the 2 fingers or is that bad form?

Originally Posted by Future9X6.5
For the long inverted v-stretch hold, can I just pull my dick (with right hand) over 2 fingers of my left hand that push UP under my dick held by my right hand which is pulling DOWN over the 2 fingers or is that bad form?

That’s the unaided version which would be harder on your hands I think. Can’t you just find some object around the house to use to make the stretch last longer?

I used medicine bottles that worked OK but I have strong hands from my hobbies and jobs I’ve worked so I’m pretty good with my hands. When I was done with my stretch, I definitely felt something was done to my dick…

The only gains I have ever had have been from this routine. I stopped and tried other things, haven’t gained for about a year. I am back at this routine with renewed dedication. I think my limiting factor is BPFSL, I need to lengthen this to gain BPEL. I think the v-stretch will do the trick for me.

Have been using this routine w/o the jelqing and with half the volume for 5 or so months. Have gained 1/2 inch+ in BPFSL and a small increase in EL. Good stuff.

Started (6/10): BPFSL= 7"

Now (11/10): BPFSL= 7.5"

Goal (10/11): BPFSL= 8.5"

Just thought I would chime in and let people know that I got a injury from doing the horse part of the routine. I had been doing the newb routine for a few months and my dick took everything I threw at it without any kind of problem so I thought I would give this a go..

The horses were amazing I gotta say, made my dick get instantly thicker. Anyway I did them for 2 weeks with what I thought was no problems, only on the last couple the glans would sort of deflate.. Didnt seem like to much of a problem. Didnt feel sore or any kind of pain.

Anyway I had my weekend off and picked up again on monday. About halfway into it I did a horse and I felt some kind of pain that made me stop immediately.. After that I could get an erection but the glans was not full. It was deflated.. And erections didnt seem to be happening without a bit of effort. Damn that was a rough day/week..

Anyway around 8 days later my glans started to fill up again and one morning after that I woke up with some morning wood.. I was damn happy! It’s nearly 2 weeks after the initial injury and my dick seems mostly back to normal but I’m gonna hold off any PE for a while to make sure it’s totally recovered and I’m gonna drop the horses all together.

Not saying people shouldn’t do them, just a warning to be careful.

re momentous rapid gains


I read your program where you gained over 2 inches. I have been
debating to do or not do jelqs. When I did jelqs it seemed like my
cock only gained girth. Do you think its ok not to do jelqs?
I am at 5.7 dpel and 5.4 girth.


Originally Posted by memento
Warning: Do not use this routine unless you want to experience rapid gains.
If you don’t gain 2” from this you’re doing it wrong.

It occurs to me that people will stop reading my threads unless I post the occasional PE related thread to throw them off the scent, hence this thread.

We spend a lot of time talking about hard gainers here and I think that some of that is a physical reality and some of it is down to people not putting the work in effectively, either overworking or underworking and not getting to their potential.

This is a routine I used before anyone talked about LOT and it’s effect and I think it will work effectively for high and low LOTter’s alike because it effectively works the tunica and the septum and puts enough work into the ligs to see gains there too.

It’s a split session routine, with a morning and an evening session and I think this has a lot to do with the effectiveness. I’ve left out the Cobbler’s pose variant I used because the inverted v-stretch was the predominant routine I used and the Cobbler’s pose variant is something I hacked on later.

Here’s the routine:

Morning session
1-2 times daily mon-fri with 4 hours min break between sessions

  • 5-10 min warm wrap (washcloth)
  • 20 min long hold inverted v-stretch
  • 5-10 min warm wrap (washcloth)

Evening session
  • 10 min warm wrap (washcloth)
  • 15-20 min 80-90% jelq with 1-2 30 sec hold Horse 440 squeezes every 5 mins
  • 2-5 min 30 sec hold horse squeezes mixed with sadsak head exercise mod
  • 10 min warm wrap (washcloth)
Doubling up this session once in a while is a useful shock

Here’s the discussion:

Warm Wrap
The warm wrap is one of the most essential parts of the routine in my opinion. If you are thoroughly warmed the tissue stretches more, and there is much less chance of injury. I tried a lot of warm wrap techniques but always went back to the washcloth, it was always the most effective.

I always used two washcloths and heated them in a sink, to allow rotation and kept the water as hot as possible. Part wringing the cloths means a higher possible heat because you are steaming the penis rather than simply applying hot water directly. While the cloth is applied massaging the penis through it is highly beneficial.

Inverted V-Stretch - Long Hold

This stretch is the dogs bollocks* imo.

The way I used it was with the aid of pot of E45 cream eventually after trying some alternate* cylinders. An E45 cream pot is a cylinder approx 2.5” (6cm) in diameter and 2.5” (6cm) long. These dimensions are perfect for placement between the legs whilst sitting.

Pushing the pot close up to the balls, and stretching the penis over it and over the edge of the chair allows a straight arm stretch to be performed with immense power, effectively using the shoulder and the body to power the stretch rather than the arm. With a good grip, it is possible to hold this stretch for long periods and I found 3 minutes worked well, stopping to regain circulation before reapplying.

It’s just as important when doing a stretch like this to relax into the stretch. It’s strange but when you snatch a stretch it seems much less effective, if you gradually turn on the power you can stretch that bit further and really feel it.

This is like hanging heavy weights without using a hanger and this stretch should really impact on the septum.

Jelq with Horse440's mixed in

I think that the jelq is one of the most misunderstood exercises. It took me about 3 months to learn the intricacies of jelqing, exactly how much pressure could be brought to bear, using downward strokes with holds to add a lig stretch and increase the pressure on a flagging erection, using upwards strokes and pulling the penis at the root while the erection is solid, maintaining a good stroke flow so that you retain half the pump from the last stroke…

I don’t see any reason to jelq for more than 15-20 minutes. Jelqing longer is imo putting quantity above quality. If you jelq for 40 minutes, try doing it in 15 but concentrating on what you are doing rather than thinking about what you are doing later in the evening or whether you’ve fed the dog, put out the trash (etc).

Mixing in Horse 440’s does two things. It allows the hands time to recover a bit and it expands the penis that bit more than jelqing, so that when you start your jelq strokes after a horse you are jelqing a penis that is nicely stretched out, that is bigger.

Horse 440's mixed with Sadsak Head exercise mod

This is a really effective way to end a routine, you think you’ve got as much pump as you can and this just pushes it that bit further.

The Sadsak mod I did was a single handed effort.

  1. Create an overhand OK at the base of the penis with the thumb and forefinger on about a 60% erection. This should be an effective tourniquet.
  2. Then add the middle finger above the grip and squeeze it hard
  3. then the ring finger, and
  4. then the pinky in the same way.

This is taking a fixed quantity of blood and squeezing it into a smaller and smaller length of penis. The pump is incredible.

Warm Wrap - Again

Skipping the warm wrap at the end is imo a mistake. What I looked for in a warm wrap at the end of the jelqing session was for the large pump created in the session to go down slightly but almost solidify.

The 5-2 schedule

Having 2 days clear of PE in a week is a great thing. Also it’s a target to work for. I always wanted to need those 2 days badly for recovery. If I hadn’t worked enough in a week to need those days, it would be a failure. It also meant that a good measurement could be taken weekly.

* “The dog’s bollocks” is a British term meaning extremely good, nothing better. As Eddie Izzard puts it:
That’s a word you can use when you get to Britain, “Ah, a bit knackered” you’ll fit right in. And the other one’s, “That’s a load of bollocks, mate! That a load of…” which means bullshit. Bullshit, bollocks - very close in the B area of the dictionary. But er it’s kind of weird ‘cause bollocks, that’s crap, “Oh it’s bollocks! That’s bollocks!” but if it’s the dog’s bollocks, that’s really good. And, and bollocks also means testicles, so if you’re saying something’s the dogs bollocks you’re saying it’s the dog’s testicles - but it is good. It’s really weird, I mean you can go up to the Queen and say “That outfit, your Queen, it’s the dogs bollocks.” And she’ll say, “Well, thank you very much for saying so. I thought it did look a bit like the dog’s bollocks.” “Well it does look, and it is the dog’s bollocks.” And she’ll be happy as Larry, however happy he is.


I think the mix of jelqing and stretching probably helps the length side of things.

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Great thread! Just one question: when the h-ll are you supposed to have sex if you do this regimen? :) During the five “work days” the penis will be exhausted and on the two rest days it needs .. Rest .. Damn, do I have to get rid of my lover to grow my dream cock?


Nice post Memento. Thanx.


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