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Mem's Momentous Rapid Gain Mechanism

Thickone2004, you should post your question about the testicle removal as a new thread. More guys will see it (and thus you’ll get more response) if the issues is mentioned in then thread title.

Good luck with that :up:

Regarding the length surgery, it seems a lot safer and saner than the girth procedures. But the info from the surgeon that seems most trustworthy — Gary Alter — suggests that it may not be much better than hanging weights alone (see…lengthening.htm). I don’t see clear evidence that the lig cutting really facilitates length gains.

Wow, that was the cats pyjamas!

Feb 2003: 7" BPEL x 5" EG. June 2006: 9" BPEL x 6.5" EG

(6" base girth)

Dog’s bollocks, Para. Dog’s Bollocks!

Originally Posted by lib-tech
How important do you weight the “Evening Routine” in gaining this length? Would you say the same length gains are possible with the Morning Routine of proper warm up and down along with a 20 min inverted v-stretch?

I think the evening routine is incredibly important, even putting the two routines back to back is imo less effective. By splitting the routine your penis is never allowed to recover back to a fully normal state.

The morning routine is all about applying stress on the tunica in one direction and the evening routine is about applying it in the other.

Originally Posted by wadzilla
Unfortunately, this has also been my experience throughout PE; specifically, the better my gains became, the less my motivation.

Unfortunately? I quite like the fact that motivation flags closer to a goal, means I’m not a complete nut job.

I was also going to start a thread about fast gains but this thread seems good enough. My one year anniversary of PE was in August with only a .5” gain in length and no girth. Even though I was not consistent with my PE, the days I did PE were intense with many advanced exercises for both length and girth.

I have tried something different the last 1.5 months:
1)No warmup
2)Stretching with multiple sessions
3)Only jelqing and stretching (no advanced exercises)

I tried to stretch and jelq daily with no breaks. Up until yesterday I have stretched daily for at least 1 time during the day. Most days I would do it twice and some days 3 times. The sessions would last 20-25mins. Inconsistency in PE being a known for me, I have jelqed on average only 4-4.5 days a week for 30-35 mins.

In these 1.5 months I have gained .25” in length (1/2 of what I gained in 1 year). Also I gained .25” in girth which is probably gonna disappear in a few days.

To memento: When you do the inverted V-stretch for 20 mins you switch hands every 3mins or 20 mins straight?

Great routine, Mem! I won’t hold you to the 2” either.

I’ve just about had it with hanging. Too much work, too much time, too much distraction from other things I need to be doing. I love the idea of putting in an hour or so of manual PE each day, especially in 2 installments, and then having the rest of my day free to do whatever.

Your workout looks an aweful lot like the one I started with at the beginning of my PE career, thanks to a pay site I joined before discovering this fine establishment. Those workouts gave me 0.5” of length and 0.7” of girth. Instead of sticking with what was was working, I “progressed” to more “advanced” exercises, particularly hanging, which has been an absolute and total bust for me.

The stars are aligning. My failure to gain from hanging, my gains from manual, and now your excellent routine. I’m looking for a change, and I think I may have found it. The dog’s bullocks indeed.

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>When you do the inverted V-stretch for 20 mins you switch hands every 3mins or 20 mins straight?<

Whatever worked. I found mostly I was using my dominant arm but occassionaly switching.


>Great routine, Mem! I won’t hold you to the 2” either. <

Gain 2” from this routine or double your money back. Platinum guarantee.

>Your workout looks an aweful lot like the one I started with at the beginning of my PE career, thanks to a pay site I joined before discovering this fine establishment.<

You mean I spent ages reading and digesting PE info to come up with a paysite routine? Fab.

Well after that depressing news all I can say is that it is a damn good routine.

Why did I start this thread again?

>The dog’s bullocks<

Now you’re doing that on purpose.

I’ve been doing very nearly this exact routine since this thread was first posted (9/1/05), and my dick is looking bigger. :jumpers:

I measured BPFSL this morning after finishing the stretching portion of the routine. I was up another 1/8” since 9/1 to 7 7/8”. This is my all-time max.

This is an unmistakable gain (measured twice). I haven’t measured BPEL, but that looks bigger as well. The only downside is that I’ve been packing on some girth (blowjobs = distant memory).

I am very encouraged by this routine. It fits with my lifestyle and does not interfere with my work day.

The only variations from Mem’s workout are that I’m doing A-stretches (instead of inverted V-stretches) and I sometimes do not warm up or down for my evening jelq sessions. I’ve also started using an ADS for a couple of hours a day, about 3-4 days per week. I use 2 golf weights placed as close as possible to the base (pulling out my shaft). Then I wrap them in place with a Thera-P wrist strap. In addition, I’m doing some very intense kegeling (every other day).

This is from a guy who hanged BTC for 6 months and never gained a millimeter. I hope Lost Guitar finds his way to this thread.

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Can I skip the Evening session (or maybe replace it with another morning session), if I only want to gain length? Or will that screw up everything and make me gain nothing?

Are there any that had gains with mem´s routine or what it the story please?

Started :BPEL 7.0 x 5.5 Now: BPEL 7.6 x 5.8 Goal: NBPEL 8.6 x 6.3 "Don´t let yourself get attached to anything that you are Not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the HEAT around th corner." --Robert De Niro (talking to Al Pacino in a caffe in the Movie HEAT)

I appear to be gaining, although I should probably wait a couple of weeks before I make that official.

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Originally Posted by Retainer

Can I skip the Evening session (or maybe replace it with another morning session), if I only want to gain length? Or will that screw up everything and make me gain nothing?

Try it and find out. I’m gradually coming to feel that jelqing is an important part of PE success, but that’s just my opinion and not supported by any real data.

Great avatar, by the way. Do you intend to revise it as you make gains?

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

It’s pretty crazy because I started doing this routine recently too, about 3 days ago starting and I noticed it starting making my dick more conditioned (more healthy) after doing the warms-up with a towel and before and after each session. Guess what It’s crazy but I think I’ve started to make real tunica shaft gains now with part of the help from this routine. I say part because I modified a lot of the sessions based on my current dick condition and what I knew from how my dick reacted based on lots of PE and trying many things. I found that when you do erect jelqing and horse440’s squeezes etc you can expand the girth of your dick at least temportaily, mixed in with some nice intense jelqing for a while and you get a nice plump fluffy girthed up cock (no extra fluid build up except for the head area maybe from jelqing), now my theory is you do the close to erect jelqing (70%-90%) and then you do some squeezes like the sadsak sqeeuze and the horses440’s making sure not to overtrain (only time and practice can teach you the art of this) and then after words do a warmup for a while and then let your dick heal a bit for a couple hours and when your dick feels not sore (the shaft) or anything again you can do some stretchs (Even while it is sore but make sure not to overtrain) and then you will stretch out the new expanded girth you just got from the squeezes close to erect exploiting the weakeness of the dick at that point for length. I believe it is fairly ouvious, if you look when you stretch your dick out flaccid notice how you lose some girth, well if you think about it wouldn’t it appear ouvious that the way to get real length gains would be to weaken and expand our dicks with erect/semi erect jelqing for a while and then throw in squeezes here and there for girth expansion, then we take advantage of this state and do a few hardcore long tunica type stretchs like (JAI’s, A-Stretchs with DLD BLasters, Inverted and normal V-Stretchs, etc) until we feel we have stretched enough making sure not to overtrain our dicks (and doing warmups here and there if our dicks look like they lost a lot of bloodflow etc) then we rest for a day or a couple hours if more work is needed maybe and then after all the rest the gains will be there and we keep repeating the process ofr more length. Also I have a special way of warming up now with a hot mug of water and I have got it down to a science and a art and now I know when my dick is warmed up properly and for real. This might be key as well for growth.

Sorry everyone for the huge rant, but I just have to get all this good exciting info out of my head and share some of it with you guys.

P.S. I tottaly agree with Modesto-Man as well about I’m coming to the realization after trying manual stretching and hanging (which gave me initial newbie lig gains I think) with no jelqing or squeezes or anything then I hit a major plateau and now I’m busting it because of the real jelqing that works the whole shaft etc when done a certain way. I’m of course also doing otherr stuff warm-ups correctly, manual stretching the tunica for a good amount of time making sure not to overtain, etc, which I think makes up the whole package of getting length gains for the tunica/shaft not the ligs… :)

Modesto, ofcourse! New avatar every 22:th


Splitting hairs, but what do you think of substituting the A-Stretch for the inverted V-stretch in the morning session?

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