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Mem's Momentous Rapid Gain Mechanism

OK Memento thanks for the pointer on the v stretch. I’ve mostly been thinking about vacextender as I seem to be getting injured from stretches using my hand to grip, so I thought that the auto v stretch might solve that. It’s interesting that the only stretch in this routing is the v. Might it not be better to incorporate other stretches too to hit all the angles?

Anyway, lots of people like this routine it seems. Can I ask if you’ve heard of anyone getting their 2” as advertised at the start of the thread? ; )

>It’s interesting that the only stretch in this routing is the v. Might it not be better to incorporate other stretches too to hit all the angles?<

Might be. Only one way to find out. This particular stretch I found has enough variation within it’s strict nature to work consistently. Whether others have found this, I don’t know. I would liken it to composing a tune whilst restricting the number of allowable notes. Often this method makes better music than throwing the kitchen sink at the problem, without restricting the potential for complexity overly.

>Anyway, lots of people like this routine it seems.<

Many things seem.

>Can I ask if you’ve heard of anyone getting their 2” as advertised at the start of the thread? ; )<

No other person has reported 2” gains to my knowledge but I have extremely limited knowledge and an inability to read posts if they extend beyond 2 paragraphs (including my own).

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Well, I just did a bastardized memento routine for a couple weeks and didn’t gain, so I’m going to give it a try in it’s original form (at least a dedicated 6 weeks to give it a good chance), then tailor it to my needs. You know, the whole walking before running, jelqing before “440-ing” kind of mindset.

When I get my 2” from this I’m getting an M tattooed on my sack.

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Hi. I’ve got a question on what I should do next. I’ve been on this routine since late January early February and went from 7 1/4 BPEL to 7 5/8 BPEL. I reached this measurement in about 8 weeks. Now I’ve been on this routine for another 6 weeks and I’m still measuring 7 5/8 on an average day before exercises. After the night time jelq I consistently get 7 11/16 and sometimes 7 6/8 but almost never before exercising. About 3 days ago I measured at 7 6/8 BPEL in the morning before any exercises which is my best yet and I still have yet to recreate it. I am getting a consistent 7 5/8 to 7 11/16 before exercising and a consistent 7 11/16 to 7 3/4 after exercises for this entire month. So after 6 weeks of this routine I still haven’t gone beyond 7 5/8 measurement (before the jelq part of this routine) as a constant measurement for my maximum erection (I measure before and after each exercise I do and always get 1/16 - 1/8in after the jelq session). Originally I was gaining at 3/16 a month which was the measurement I got after every single measurement so it was ‘cemented’ as I will call it since it never went below this. So anyways on to the question - I am currently 7 5/8 x 5 and I want to reach a goal of 9 x 6 in about 14 months time. I know this may not be possible but I want to get as close as I can. Should I begin your stretches (which is the only stretch I can do that I feel a very good stretch happening) and replace it with clamping as to try and gain both length and girth at the same time (is it possible?) or is it better to focus on length by itself. I know that it is length first and then girth due to ease of stretching the penis when thinner. I have had it in my mind that it is very difficult to gain length after doing girth work out but I have had these clamps here for a long time and I’ve been dying to use them ever since. Is it possible gain girth and then do length? Both with the same routine? Or shall I just focus on length first rule? I am just asking for suggestions on my next routine. Do your inverted v-stretch with jelqing for longer to see if gains really did stop, inverted v-stretch with jelq replaced by clamping or clamping by itself? Sorry for such a long post I’ve been wanting to do something about my girth for a long time but I’ve been focusing on length first.

Stay with the newbie routine but modify it a bit.

Increase stretching time, add “V” stretches, Slow jelq 5-10 seconds work up to 10-15 seconds, do this for another month see what happens, This should help cement that 7/16 gains, by the way good job!

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Hi all

I have made some good gains with this routine. One issue I’m running into though is that a few weeks into this I’m finding it hard to get a good stretch. I yank my dong as hard as I can and I still don’t feel it..

Also, I put gym shorts over the object (beer can).when I do it without gym shorts I do feel a sensation, but I think it’s merely my skin getting stretched and not the tissue that I am trying to target.

Any ideas?

Hi velo

Whenever I’m doing one of these stretches, I always pull my penis straight out. Taut, but not pulling as hard as I can. I place the jar between my legs, pull my penis over the jar and straighten my arm. It’s usually tense at this point so then I push my shoulder down just a bit and contract my torso (this is hard to explain?) to really up the tension. Once I’m in place I start counting.

Well I think I’m doing it’s just that it seems I can’t get a good stretch anymore. It’s like my body is used to it.

Hmmm maybe I’m doing it wrong, I’ll describe what I do.

I take the beer can (bud light hehe) and put it under my dick, right against the balls. I then grab my penis straight out and down, like wrapping it around the can. If I wrap the can in gym shorts, I can no longer feel a stretching sensation. If I do not wrap, I do feel something but I think it’s just the skin getting stretched.

Are you contracting your abs at all after the fact? Mem himself has said that the stretch should come from your shoulders and abdomen and not by forcing the stretch with your hand.


Well I.m new to this forum and want to know if I’m doing the inverted V-Stretch properly or not..

I use a 3 inch diameter and 5 inch in length spring water bottle with hot water filled in it..

People say that you should use your arms and abdomen muscle to properly do V-stretch, but m still not able to get how to do it.for me it’s just stretching over the bottle using hand..

Could someone point out how to do it properly in very plain language because users are having problem getting it right,and if possible post some pictures.

I am posting some pics of me doing inverted V-Stretch,it’d be great if someone could point out if m doing it right or not,because I still haven’t got that abdominal and arm thing. Also, I sometimes have pain in hand, so if you could also tell me some better way for grip..

manav219 - manav219’s pics

And for my the morning at 10am it’s..

15mins warm up using hot towel
15mins inverted V-Stretch[3mins Hold]
10mins normal stretch
15mins warm down
5mins kegel
5mins massage with baby oil

At night somewhere btw.23:30-24:00

15mins warm up using hot towel
6mins inverted V-Stretch[3mins Hold]
20mins Jelq [with occasional 30 secs old+Horse440 every 5 mins]
5mins Horse440 Sadsak mod
5mins normal stretch
10mins warm down
5mins kegel
5mins massage with baby oil

Also it would be great if someone could tell me, how to properly do kegels, because even after week of trying to get it right, even now my abdominal and butt muscles are used, though I am able to hold the flow of urine while pissing as long as I want..

Can anyone tell me any methods for finding and separating my BC muscles from my abdominal and anal muscles while doing kegels.and how to kegel in a more efficient way..

And last thing there was some blood from my frenulum while morning stretching on the 7the day, though I continued PE in the evening, I didn’t had any more blood.though I could see a cut on the frenulum [I am able to completely retract my foreskin]..

Should I continue with PE..

Any help and suggestion would be greatly appreciated..

Current Stats:
FL=4” BPEL=5.75” EG=4.25”

BPEL=7.5” EG=6”

OK, hopefully the last inverted V-Stretch question. Should you have more of your penis on the can or half/half? Pulling straight down or at a 45deg angle? I made a couple pics of what I am talking about, hopefully it works. I assume you would want more on the can thus flattening out more of your penis (fig 3 or fig 4)? The diameter obviously changes depending on your starting length is why I’m asking. If I am starting out with a smaller length, then the diameter would not need to be as big. Is this correct?



Here is the pic.hopefully..

Thanks for the quick PM!

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