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Mem's Momentous Rapid Gain Mechanism

Originally Posted by jojajico
….The Golgi stretch reflex is for skeletal muscle so I’m afraid it doesn’t have anything to do with stretching your penis, even though stretching slow is important. The stretch reflex is initiated by a stretch in the muscle spindle by movement voluntary or otherwise. A action potential travels by way of the Ia afferent neuron from the muscle spindle to the spinal column where it connects with inter-neurons which can act inhibitors sending a signal to the antagonist muscle group or/and send an impulse to efferent motor units which inervate the agnostic muscle and those muscles which perform the same motor action (abduction, elevation, depression, flexion, etc.) The more rapid the stretch the stronger the inhibition of antagonist muscles and activation of the agnostic muscle groups. This is the basis of reflex actions and plyometric training.

Yes, I’ve utilized plyometrics in the past, when I hit the gym with regularity.

However, I’m curious if you’re certain that the golgi reflex is limited to skeletal muscle. In my experimentation with stretching (with PE), I’m certain - beyond any doubt - that I get a much better stretch if I ease into very slowly.

The stretch feels much deeper and, in fact, my unit extends further (in stages) during such a stretch - as per BPFSL measuring. I’m not certain which other bodily mechanism might be responsible for this occurrence, but I’m sure that my experience is not merely a placebo effect.

This would appear to me to be the side-tracking of some type of injury-preventing inhibiting mechanism (“golgi” or not).

So, my exhortation to stretch slowly is not merely for the sake of safety, but for also getting a much deeper, more effective stretch.

I hope this is not too much to ask (especially from a newb) like myself:

This inverted V stretch thing has been talked about here for almost 2 years. Can anyone quickly take a pic of themselves doing it?

All I’m asking for (I’m sure I’m not the only one) is a simple pic of the “canister” and the actual stretch. It would be HIGHLY APPRECIATED!!

From what I understand it’s stretching the penis out, laying it on the canister and then pulling it down towards the floor?


Thank you

I’ve been doing Mem’s for a week. With one change. I don’t sit up and pull straight down (seems very hard to do). What I do is lay down put the bottle under my dick and wrap my dick around it but then I also put my fingers on my glans and keep pulling and wrapping it around the bottle.

My glans actually touch my taint area while in the stretch. I hold this for 9 min straight. Because I never saw in the routine where Mem said to release every 3-4 min. If I’m wrong someone please tell me. I seem to get a real good stretch from this. I can feel it in my ligs alot.

(Started 2/21/06) BPEL 7.125 - NBPEL 5.625 - MSEG 5.625

(As of 8/23/07) BPEL 7.5 - NBPEL 6.000 - MSEG 5.87

2nd goal is BPEL 7.750 NBPEL of 6.250" and EG 6" - Long term goal is NBPEL 8" - Girth 6.50

I’m really asking if someone can take a quick pic of the exercise being done.

What “canister” can I use? Coke can? Water bottle? Hair spray can? What can I use?

I’m getting so frustrated trying to figure out how to do this V-stretch thing :(

Wish someone could help. Can I simply stretch my penis around my wrist? If I keep it stretched around my wrist for a few minutes is that as good as this Mem technique?

Forget what I said above about hold time. I re-read it and it does say 3 min hold. Damn, I hope I’m ok.


Just use a bottle like this one or a coke can anything round and 2.50” dia that is short to fit between legs.

Attached Images

(Started 2/21/06) BPEL 7.125 - NBPEL 5.625 - MSEG 5.625

(As of 8/23/07) BPEL 7.5 - NBPEL 6.000 - MSEG 5.87

2nd goal is BPEL 7.750 NBPEL of 6.250" and EG 6" - Long term goal is NBPEL 8" - Girth 6.50

I just tried it with a regular cup. I think I got it!

I pull the penis down right? Like over the cup, and then down right?

This is what Mgus said to do. It’s in this thread on page 8 I think. You should really read this whole thread.

I sit down on edge of the toilet seat - lid down - lift up my shaft, tuck the canister (lying down) in against the base under my shaft, nudge my balls out of the way, and then pull out and up, and “fold” my shaft while pulling it down over the rounded canister, until it is pointing 45-60 degrees downwards from horizontal, then I lock my elbows and lean in for force. This makes the canister roll in even tighter against my base. You need to find the correct distance from the edge of the seat - too far in and you don’t get pull, too far out and the canister falls off the seat.

Make sure your wrists aren’t bent 90 degrees, so that your palms are 90 degrees to your arms - this places a lot of strain on your wrists and you can even damage nerves by doing this excessively (all right, maybe not from PE, but those who paddle kayaks and and push with their wrists 90 degrees are likely to wind up with problems). My wrists hurt if I don’t watch it. I usually use the one hand to lock off the grip of the other.

I use a pill bottle for Omega3 capsules - only thing big enough without being to long I could find, and it’s made of plastic.

(Started 2/21/06) BPEL 7.125 - NBPEL 5.625 - MSEG 5.625

(As of 8/23/07) BPEL 7.5 - NBPEL 6.000 - MSEG 5.87

2nd goal is BPEL 7.750 NBPEL of 6.250" and EG 6" - Long term goal is NBPEL 8" - Girth 6.50

Jelq with Horse440’s mixed in is the same as jelq squeeze?

Im using a ripped fuel bottle and it works great!! I fill it up with hot water and It warms my unit while I pull.

I’m starting to get the hang of this!!! :D

Let’s keep this thread close to the top few pages. How’s everyone doing so far on this routine?

What are peoples’ gains so far with this?

March 2006: 6.875" x 4.500" x 5.00" (BPEL x MLG x BG)

April 2007-.: 7.81" x 4.81" x 5.1" - 'And it just keeps getting bigger!'

I will have..: 8.500" x 5.750" x 6.00" My Pics My Progress

Originally Posted by Kamel22

I fill it up with hot water and It warms my unit while I pull.

Great idea, thanks.

I’ve been PE’ing with a routine that consisted of 10 min stretches & 10 min jelqs including warm ups and warm downs for 6 months (gained 1/2” EL). And I tried mementos routine after having a 3 week break. I measured after 3 days of trying this and I saw the quickest 1/4” EL gain I ever made.

Thanks Memento!

Bumping it to see if anyone else has used Mem’s routine for a while.


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