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Member information?

Member information?

Okay this is stupid because I have asked this question before but I didn’t bookmark this part of the website but there is a part of this website that allows me to enter my measurements and it computes volume etc. Could someone direct me to it? I have tried searching but the searches have yielded too many possibilites, some assitance would be very nice.

You can shoot me Thunder, I’ll even let you use my G20 to do it. *slaps self* I really appreciate it, thank you so much Thunder.

Just curious Thunder, this may have be discussed prior to this but I looked through the Data Site and didn’t see any information regarding your measurements. I’ve had wonderful success with your website and wisdom from the posters here. I was curious what are you packin’? If you don’t want to answer I don’t blame you some things are are meant to be kept to yourself.


Thanks so much, you really are an inspiration to us, a visionary. Anyway, about back in July, I was a little coarse with you and I apologize. Anyway, I certainly don’t have any hard feelings, (no pun intended).

Thank You,


He has the only 20X15…

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No visionary at all. Didn’t invent any magic super gainer exercises, didn’t gain yards or cock, etc. Just started a forum because the one I used to call home went to hell in a hand basket. Didn’t really think it would ever amount to much when I first started it. A lot of good people made this place what it is.

Everybody gets a little coarse now and then, I know I do. No problem.

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You may not have come up with ideas but you provided a fertile and constructive enviroment for them to grow, need I say more?



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