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Mega Gains!!!


Oh, one more thing. I have just started stretching while clamped too. I don’t know if it does anything, but it feels great. Huked on clamping werks four me!


RoomToGrow, I did some Uli’s and squeezes while clamping during my session tonight. Damn, and I thought just clamping alone was intense. I did not push it though. I kept my Uli’s and squeezes weak. I did notice, visually that is, that my length looked way longer while doing Uli’s and squeezes during clamping. Boy…do I wish it could stay like that.LOL. I did notice a little sting, although it isn’t pleasureable for me as it is for you. I felt it in the tunica. That’s when I told myself not to squeeze too hard. Is that where you feel the stinging too? I do know my limits though, I really don’t want to mess up my tool. Clamping IS where its at! I really wish I would’ve started earlier.


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