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Meeting with other Thunder's Place members in Real Life

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Meet another member of Thunder’s Place in real Life?

Yes, I have met other members before from some PE related board.


Yes, I would be willing to run into some other members in real life, but have not gotten the chance YET.


Yes, I met someone from here and it went bad. Please no more!


No, I am terrified of meeting anyone that knows about my dick size issue.


No, I am afraid Twatteaser would then know my address. I believe that is a very bad thing.


No, meeting anyone from the Internet spells doom!


Other: Please specify.

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That’s because you are a very scary man….


If God is all powerful, then the devil must be nothing more than a darkness in the mind of God, however if the devil is something real and seperate, then perfection is impossible and God cannot exist except in the aspirations of fallen angels.

Me? Scary? No you must be mistaken kind sir. I am afraid I must disagree with that assesment. I am made from the very milk and honey of human kindness, of course it curdled and polluted, but still milk and honey by definition of the Agriculture department.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Good to see no one voted for Yes, I met someone from here and it went bad. Please no more! yet. Hopefully this supports the case of most of us being good guys. Unless of course the people who would have voted for that option are no longer around to do so. :eek:

I am now tied for second on the poll. I am moving up as a cause!

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I have hung out with PirateSteve a shit ton of times and he is a really cool guy. I ALMOST met someone from another board and he accidently gave me an incorrect cell phone number, thats okay though, shortly thereafter he posted on another forum that he was getting over a drug overdose with his girlfriend and needed advice from some of the guys on the forum on the withdrawals. I have held off trying to contact him again.


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

Originally Posted by regularwhiteguy
I had a couple of drinks with Ike last year at a local hang out near to both of us… We had a great time checking out the north end of girls headed south!


I agree. Wish I could get out more and do it again.

Reminds me: RWG, any weekday afternoon stop by Love Zone, that sex store up on NW 15th near 80th. A blonde woman works there who is one of the sexiest women I’ve ever been near. About 5’9” and slim with nice tits and a perfect ass. Wears business attire and glasses with her hair pulled back, so she looks like an attorney for Preston Gates. But damn, ask her a few questions and get her to demonstrate the vibrators for you. She’s got a few samples behind the counter. Having her describe this little tongue vibrator gave me serious trouser wood.

Any time. I live a couple miles from Disneyland in Southern California so if anybody is ever in the area, give me a PM. I definately wouldn’t be opposed to traveling to meet a bunch of fellow T’s place friends.

I have been to Jersey 6 times now, discreatly following tt from home to friends to school to bars. I have filmed him going into grocery stores, know how he walks when he is in a hurry, and know how he acts when he thinks someone is watching him. He almost always turns to his left first when checking behind him, and doesn’t look down as much as he should. Due to his height a disciplined stalker can follow at 3 feet, drop into a crouch when he turns to look, and remain invisible.

We haven’t actually met yet, but soon… very soon…

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Ha hahahahahahhah!

Oh dear, haha,

You guys crack me up!

ah ha ah ha, ahem.

Meet up with you losers? ha ha, oh dear, whew. I nearly wet myself there…

See Ya,


I’ve already met one of the gang here and we plan to meet again soon. I would also be very open to meeting more of you guys in person.

Gay 5'4" 150 lbs 5.5 x 5

Save me from TwatTeaser!!!!

"You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."

I’d be up for a weekend in Vegas sometime in ‘05. Should have the Wienermobile fully chromed by then.

Heck with the chroming of it criag68, there’s a new powder coating that I saw this weekend at the guy who is building our new race car. Looks just like chrome and is much cheaper and easier to maintain.

I’d be cool with meeting up with Twat, Dino, and any others in NYC. We could drop pennies off of the Empire State Building. It would have to be in warmer weather though (less people wearing hats). Even a powow outside of the Big Snapple as long as its north east coast.

PirateSteve and I will be meeting up very soon. Along with my man 789 - I’m hoping 7 will introduce me to his lovely wife. For some reason I doubt it.

Which brings to mind a really weird dream about this very subject.
Everyone from Thunder’s and a few from MoS were having a party in a cramped condominium. It took place in the afternoon but was rather dark inside except for the flourecent lit kitchen, where most everybody was hanging out, sipping beers and chatting it up - having a real easy time.
I knew everyone by sight and they knew me but it was Bib who surprised me: He was about 21 years old, handsome and very quiet, shy almost and all of the talking was done by his wife who was at least 50 years old, really loud and friendly - plump but attractive and acting almost as if she were his spokesperson. Every time I tried to engage Bigger his wife would step in and answer for him until finally at one point when she was off elsewhere I asked Bib a question and he muttered something while looking down at his feet - I asked him if he could speak up and when he did I realized he had a speech impediment; he was stuttering and stammering trying to get his thought out. I began to feel bad as he broke into a sweat and his face took on this really pained expression, so I said something off topic to ease the tension. Suddenly the room was filled with light as the front door opened in a rush and Twat came barging in yelling “They’re towing cars! They’re towing cars!”

I woke up and have to admit to being puzzled. I normally have no problem deciphering my dreams, but this one still makes no sense.

It clearly points to an Oedipus complex and fantasies of world domination. Or maybe that was MY dream…


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