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Meeting with other Thunder's Place members in Real Life

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Meet another member of Thunder’s Place in real Life?

Yes, I have met other members before from some PE related board.


Yes, I would be willing to run into some other members in real life, but have not gotten the chance YET.


Yes, I met someone from here and it went bad. Please no more!


No, I am terrified of meeting anyone that knows about my dick size issue.


No, I am afraid Twatteaser would then know my address. I believe that is a very bad thing.


No, meeting anyone from the Internet spells doom!


Other: Please specify.

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We shall wear blue write on name tags that I bought from Staple’s again.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Originally Posted by rr

I’m bad with names though, so I’d probably call people by there screen names at first. Which would be entertaining in itself.

“Hey, HugeCock36, want another Steinlager?”

At such meetings most of us just go by “Steve.”

I would love to meet Mr. Happy. He’s my idol! I think he rocks!

Queen of Hearts :hearton:

And he claims to have had over 200 women! You would be like raw meat in a shark tank.

Horny Bastard

Originally Posted by Queen of Hearts

I would love to meet Mr. Happy. He’s my idol! I think he rocks!

The Pied Piper snares another one.

I hold the fates bound fast in iron chains and with my hand turn fortune's wheel about... - Marlowe's Tamburlaine

I would meet sumone off this board but nobody lives in milwaukee

I guess that means guys from Milwaukee have such big dicks they don’t to come here?

Horny Bastard

I chose “Other, Please specify”, basically because I don’t really like talking to anyone (there are really only two people I go out of my way to talk to)

…the added “It Came from Beyond the Internet:eek: :couch: factor makes it a definite no-no (I don’t even offer local pick-up at ebay :fie: )

Having said that, it’d be pretty cool to attend a convention, if there was one (and I had the cash to get me there)

If it was in Vegas I’d have to find a really hot hooker (The last time I got laid I was 6” — in another couple of months I should be close to 8” (that’s a 2” increase since the last time I got laid))

Previously known as Mr. Fantastic


Size Myths in the Porn Industry

Oh hell yeah I’d do it! I have ZERO problems meeting people from the internet with the usual provisions (public place, Dutch, no strings, etc.). I have many, many friends from the internet who have turned into really great meatspace friends. As for it being because of PE, well why not? Who cares? We’re a bunch of men interested in our health. There’s nothing to be embarassed about.

Message to the world: The men on Thundersplace have penises! :attention :

Sadly, men are conditioned not to care about their health. Guess why we die younger? We resist going to doctors because we’re taught not to rely on someone else for important things. What bullshit!!

Women meet each other all the time; they talk about their boobs, they wear ribbons for their boobs, they go to boob balls, boob telethons, have boob dinners with celebrities, create boob education programs, they talk about their health. The only reason men usually don’t is because we’re conditioned by some ridiculous nonsense that we shouldn’t. When I go to bed at night the only dick I have to sleep with is my own and it doesn’t belong to anyone else. If I want to talk about it with other people or hang out with other people then it’s our business, not theirs. Don’t end-up a small-minded bourgoise “consumer” constantly worrying about what the neighbors think.

Be your own man. Talk to whom you want about what you want. No man has enough friends to say he can’t welcome another. So what if a waitress overhears you? You’re going to live your life by the impression you give someone you’re going to have a tenuous relationship with for 60 minutes of your life? Sure be discreet if only to cut down on the annoyance factor of people you don’t want to deal with, but don’t let those faceless nobodies determine the company you keep.

Maybe we’d talk about PE, maybe we wouldn’t. I usually find that when I meet people from the internet that our common connection rarely gets discussed. We end-up talking about our lives, ourselves, our jobs, our SOs, our kids, mutual friends, or whatever. If you make the effort to share yourself with the people you meet they will do so with you. Friendships, like life, are what you make of them.

If Thunder’s had a get together, nationally or locally, I’d make an effort to go. Lot of great guys here.

Originally Posted by Jason_Els
Lot of great guys here.

And you’re one of them :kisskiss: Always enjoy your posts here.

Thank you. :)

Yes I definitely would, since I enjoy meeting new people and making new friends. However, I’m not sure if I would want to sit around, talking only about our dicks and nothing else. I would much prefer an evening of good fellowship and getting to know each other.

As PE’ers, we all know where our hands have been. When you meet, do you shake hands or touch elbows (Like on the new tv show The Winner)? Lol. :)

Originally Posted by fp20beater
As PE’ers, we all know where our hands have been. When you meet, do you shake hands or touch elbows (Like on the new tv show The Winner)? Lol. :)

Thats a good one. But if I meet people that don’t do PE it’s the same effect I’m watching there hands and thinking the same thing :D
Yes, I think id like to meet some one from the TP or a person who does PE.


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