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Originally Posted by sparkyx
Wad, do you think that high elasticity ratio tunicas might respond better to longer time, lower force than higher collagen ratio?

I bring that up because guys who used to use the thera-p band during the day almost always found a large increase in flaccid size, which to me means the elastin is being effected.

You raise some interesting questions. Give me a little time to chew on this. I’m going to probably start a new thread about this, to follow-up a few earlier ones….

P.I.V. - gains forecaster? (Jan. 29, 2005)

Elasticity (Mar. 29, 2004)

This thread, from a period when I went a little overboard on the acronyms, is similar to what you were talking about:

T.i.t.t. (Dec. 13, 2004)

Thanks for the thread references. I will trawl through them this weekend for anything that seems like it might apply for me.

- Chris

Trying not do deviate from the topic at hand but ligament gains should not be factored out either.Although there is probably tons of info on theoretically how much you can gain from them and how far you can stretch them they should certainly contribute to max gain potential,or at least partially.For example,in my case as Wadzilla said previously, I might have approx. 2 inchs+ to gain,some of this would be from my ligaments,wouldn’t they?I’m not particularly knowledgeable on the ligament side of gains,although I have been doing my stretches flaccid and partially erect so that I tackle the tunica and ligs respectively:)


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