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Medical Community Rejects PE


This is an interesting study. I posted the whole thing before here, so I’ll just highlight a few paragraphs; but, in brief, the author of the course was Robert Chartham, PhD, and the expert testimony was provided by a Dr. Richards, a celebrated physician:

“This proceeding was initiated on November 19, 1976 by the filing of a complaint alleging that respondent is engaged in conducting a scheme or device for obtaining money or property through the mails by means of false representations in violation of 39 U.S.C. 3005….”


“12. After the initial measurements, test subjects were instructed in the “Chartham Method” and told to start practicing it (Tr. 139). Insofar as possible the penis of each subject was thereafter measured, in the method above described, on a weekly basis (Tr. 139, 140). Dr. Richards recorded each measurement. Of the test subjects two dropped out of the test and two achieved no gain in dimensions. Dr. Richards recorded gains among the twenty-eight remaining subjects ranging from 2.4 cm. to 3.6 cm. (.94 in. - 1.4 in.) in length and from 1.4 cm. to 3.1 cm. (.55 in. - 1.2 inc.) in girth (Tr. 142; RX-5). No changes of any significance were found in the measurements taken of the control subjects (Tr. 145, 146). He reported the success rate as 87.5 percent in the test group (Tr. 143). In Dr. Richards’ opinion, the study was conducted in accordance with prevalent medical and scientific standards (Tr. 142). The report of Dr. Richards’ study has been accepted for publication in the British Journal of Sexual Medicine (Tr. 143).”

“14. In Dr. Richards' opinion the “Chartham Method” will enable a large percentage of males to enlarge the dimension of the penis and, to his satisfaction, is a scientifically evaluated and proven effective means for so doing. Further, in his opinion, it incorporates new and significantly different principles from all other methods and products intended to increase the size of the penis that he knows of (Tr. 148).
15. Dr. Richards was skeptical that enlargement of the penis produced by the “Chartham Method” would be sustained for any considerable length of time. He will not be satisfied on that point until he has done further investigation
(Tr. 208, 211).”

So, you can see, even that physician agreed that “growth” occured for a “large percentage of males,” but Chartham lost the case primarily on the permanence issue. So, where’s the large-scale follow up?

This is why the medical community is looked upon with contempt by hardcore PE enthusiasts.

Originally Posted by jelkywadholmes
I suspect over the next 10 to 20 years all of this will change, all of it. Once that idiot freak in the White House leaves and they jack up stem cell research in this country and welcome it back into the 21st century they will perhaps very quickly with incredible monetary reward be concentrating not only on the remaining diseases that inflict men but also focusing on hair loss and penis size. Some day they will be able to introduce ‘hung’ stem cells into an adult male and create horse cocks. … JelkyWad

Just read today that they may cure baldness with stem cells. Apparently they did it in mice. I wonder if they will have to do the human studies in some foreign country because of the stem cell controversy here in the U.S. Considering this, your stem cell to 11 incher PE program very well may happen sooner than later. I wonder what will happen to society when this comes. Will there be an “arms race” of guys trying to out do each other getting giant wangs? Will women demand it and start to be more honest (i.e. - no more size doesn’t count BS, pay the money and get your weiner enlarged)? Or will guys over do it and there be a backlash against it in terms of preference on the part of women (11 inches is pretty huge). Brave new world, eh?

Originally Posted by wadzilla
Sure, this is what I’ve been saying for some time. Furthermore, those paysites you speak of often reuse one another’s “photographic proof” - making me believe that many of them are owned by the same sleaze bags.

The modern “Scientific Method” is based upon Aristotleian logic, nearly 25 centuries from his development of it, and refined of course. If the medical community would believe PE from our “testimony” (which is sometimes even regarded as dubious by members of the various PE forums), then they should believe any magic potion or folk cure.

I think the real question is, “Why don’t they conduct a serious study of PE?” After all, they constantly assert that it is worthless and even warn of the dangers - why not “prove” that it doesn’t work either? You know….in the “interests of the public.”

You know, the more I think about it, there have to be doctors out there (urologists especially) who have noticed that some of their patients penises have gotten larger. They might even have found out from the patient that it was PE that did this. I wonder if one of these guys might be motivated to start a study or inquire amongst colleagues whether PE was the real deal or not, or if it might be dangerous in the long run or something like that. Perhaps if they did see a direct way to make money off it, they would be motivated. Maybe there’s a disconnect between Dr.s practicing in the field who may be aware of PE from patients, and the scholarly researcher types in Universities who conduct studies but have never heard of it because they don’t see regular patients.

Originally Posted by josipbrozus
“My dad is a doctor and is well hung (at least it looked that way when I was a kid), but he never mentioned PE to me (maybe because he didn’t need it). I wonder sometimes if he thought I inherited my penis genes from my mother’s side. I was disappointed I didn’t get his genes in that area”

Hey Ophiosaurus I read a psychological theory once that talked about this. For EVERY kid his father´s cock is huge. That´s why exposure may be harmful for kids between 3 and 7- 8 I guess, they can suffer a trauma and believe they are “inferior”. That´s why some psicologists recommend parents not to be naked in front of the young children.

Actually, I do remember seeing my dad naked in my later years. It was photo of him on a hunting trip bathing in the stream (he was on the shore) and he was still hung. One day he can be proud of his hung son who inherited his “mother’s penis” but lacks her large breasts.

Originally Posted by wadzilla
Yeah, they really believe what they’re saying - financial interests aside. I have a ladyfriend who is in her last year of med school, and I once jokingly brought up the subject. I said something like, “Do you see all those penis enlargement ads? Damn, after so many guys build up huge weiners, I’ll be relegated to ‘average.’”

She said, “Won’t happen, don’t worry.” Then she went on to explain to me how the tunica (yes, she used that term) would not allow for any considerable expansion, and she began rattling off her med-speak, which is psycho-babble to me, explaining that PE is a faulty theory and just won’t work - short of destroying your penis to stretch it out like taffy.

I am sure that she had no ulterior motives, and I certainly wasn’t advocating it or suggesting that I would do it, nor is she specializing in urology - that’s just the stuff they teach in med school. And they are taught to think critically; therefore, their opinions will not change in the absence of any “official”, verifiable research conducted by a respected medical institution.

I may know why she thought this way. When I first started reading about PE (like the first couple of days), I used to think it was BS. This is mainly because the tunica as far as collagen crosslink layout, physical properties, etc is much like the fascia that surrounds muscles (only approximately 1 and 1/2 to 2 times the thickness). Muscles can sometimes be subject to severe swelling to the point that the fascia around it needs to be cut in order for the person not to be in pain. This is because the fascia cannot expand to accomodate the swelling muscle. (Which for some reason I equated with the fascia being unable to expand) Then after actually giving it some thought, I realized that there was a simple fact that I had ignored. IE - The fascia does expand (fairly easily even), just not as fast as the muscle sheathed by it is expanding. As logical as that may sound, it took me some time to actually put some thought into it and realize that fascia has to expand … I’ve never heard of a bodybuilder having to go get theirs cut because they were building up their muscles. :p

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This is me in case you ever want to know what kind of psycho you're dealing with.

Originally Posted by soon2b9
I’ve never heard of a bodybuilder having to go get theirs cut because they were building up their muscles. :p


This is exactly what brought me around on PE as well. I have been bodybuilding for 15 years and was over 100 pounds heavier than my original start weight at one point. Almost all of that was muscle and because I went natural it took me a long time to get there. Too bad I didn’t start PE back then….

PE works but it takes work. The medical community is so off base on this and a lot of other things.

PE will never be mainstream because it takes more effort and work ( I am sad to say ) than most men will afford.

Who cares what the medical community thinks!!??—there are many members here at Thunders that are getting the job done in the face of all the medical community skeptics. Those skeptics will come around sooner or later—-hopefully later so that all of us here can get a good head start on the rest of the people that feel they have to wait for the medical community endorsement.

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Wait! you all guys remember!! PEing doesnt work at all!! you can pull your dick forever and it wont grow up a milimeter! This is more like a hobby! but it wont grow! Any new member read this carefully! PE-ING DOESNT WORK!!! so dont even try!!!! k? Go better read a book or something! Build up your mind and dont your dick! Women prefer smarts guys over long dick-ed guys! ;)


Disclaimer: for all members!! Dont say that PEing work! Lets keep average on 6 inches!!!! :D


Your right women love smart nice guys, don’t waste your time pe’ing

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>>>Lets keep average on 6 inches!!!!

If that’s the case, PEing has provided me a larger than average unit nbpel!


But I do remember 5.25”

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