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Mechanics of erection vs. Uli

Mechanics of erection vs. Uli

Perhaps someone can explain why when the ULI thing is applied, the circumference of the penis increases significantly beyond the unaided erect size but yet it is not as hard?

Logically, the size should be dependent on the internal pressure. Since the penis is hardest with a unaided erection, it follows that the internal pressure must be higher than when using the ULI thing. Yet the penis is larger when using the ULI thing, despite a lower internal pressure.

Must be another mechanism at work here…

Softer than hard.....

Good question you posted there.

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I believe the softness lies directly under the skin rather than inside of the dick. It could come from sudden tissue water build-up due to the increased pressure. That would also explain the relatively common occurence of a swollen penis right after the workout, a swelling that lasts usually an entire day if not longer.

Hope that makes sense…..

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Uncut is correct. When you do an Uli, or rather the first Uli of a session, you should notice that it is extremely hard or solid. Much more firm than a normal erection.

Later sessions, if you have impeded blood flow a lot, as when using an Uli thing, you will notice some fluid buildup in the tissues between the tunica and skin. This is what might feel softer to you. When the fluid builds up enough to make the skin tight while doing them, you should stop. That is because the fluid is pushing against the skin on one side, and the tunica on the other, negating the internal pressure.

Or, it could be while Uliing, you are pushing the skin forward slightly, which would have a softer texture. In either case, you should be able to feel the higher internal pressure.


Uli thing

Can you please describe the uli thing to me, i know nothing about it. I have heard alot about it and havent really gotten a striagt up description. I always hear about people using it. I was wondering if you could tell me how to use it, how it works, what kind of workouts do i do with it, anything you could tell me would be nice.

Here is a link to a drawing for Bib’s Uli Thing, the links to the posts with information on routines appears to be dead. This will at least let you get an idea of what it looks like.

The Original Bib Hanger

EDIT Sizemeister: I updated the link. Geocities doesn’t let outsiders view images from member sites unless you’re actually referred to them from that site.

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I don’t understand this statement of yours.

“When the fluid builds up enough to make the skin tight while doing them, you should stop.”

As you know I am only using the wrap. I get as hard as possible and do the wrap and it is tight for like 20 minutes. I wait and do it again about every hour. Depending on how much pressure I have it is sometimes tighter than others. My goal has always been to make it expand so much it is as tight as possible. In other words, when I have the wrap on, and use my fingers to check the tightness by squeezing the shaft I want it to be not smushy but totally tight as can be and ‘screaming.’ When it is not tight I get pissed and try again even. I am constantly measuring it as well and of course when it is tightest it is also the largest and ready to bust. So what am I missing here in your explanation?

A question that may help is: how do I know the difference between fluid buildup and internal pressure?


I am guessing there is nothign there but a picture of the thing, which is ok i guess, any more info i could have.


first read this thread on synergistic effects of wrapping.

Synergistic effect of wrapping on hanging and uli’s for Bib, etals

Then what you do is after the wrap is on you put on the uli thing for extra pressure. However, you should not do this for a while until you master the wrap and uli and get used to it. This can totally be dangerous if done improperly.



>In other words, when I have the wrap on, and use my fingers to check the tightness by squeezing the shaft I want it to be not smushy but totally tight as can be and ‘screaming.’<

Can you get it as tight as with an Uli thing or the hanger?

>So what am I missing here in your explanation? <

As long as you feel the internal pressure, you are doing some good. When the fluid builds up and it is pushing one way against the skin layers, it obviously is also pushing the other way against the tunica. This lowers the internal pressure and at some point it becomes static. This, of course, may take hours.

>A question that may help is: how do I know the difference between fluid buildup and internal pressure? <

When you take off the wrap and let your penis subside, you should see the fluid if it is there. But the best way to go is simply judge by the internal pressure. If you no longer feel it, then the fluid buildup is too great.


OK thanks Bib.

You ask, “Can you get it as tight as with an Uli thing or the hanger”?

I can get pretty close. I have only used the hanger as a uli thing. I still want the uli thing because I think it will really help me at this time, but I just don’t have the tools to build one.

Using the hanger after I have totally wrapped the penis then smashes too much of the shaft. Before, I would get erect, put on the wrap and then the hanger and then tighten. I know now to wait until it subsides between the hanger and the body. However, after wrapping all the way and the area of the wrap (1 1/2 inches) is compressed, then attaching the hanger does not do the same as it used to. It is different and I can’t get it to work as effective as before so I just wrap.

I have to avoid any pulling at the base as you know now. At times when I was using the hanger as a uli thing with weights it expanded about 1/8” larger than what I can get with the wrap. However, as you know all I do is wrap nowadays so I have pretty much mastered it. I can get the shaft to expand as much as 1/2 inch bigger than normal erection. It is pretty much screaming and crying under the pressure and even is a little painful at times.

I am still envious of your ability to wrap and then let the pressure build up. I never could do that. Even if I could, I think the pressure would be more for long term and taking away discoloration etc. I don’t see how the pressure could build up to the point I can get it to, but I may be wrong. I have to get fully hard and wrap real tight, and then push the wrap towards the base and pow! I do however, notice that my skin is what hurts from the stretching and it is hard to decifer that from the internal pressure.

I am still not really clear about fluid buildup. I have never noticed any and really don’t know what I am looking for. I guess it would be more obvious it is existed on me. Anyway, at least now I don’t think what I am doing is counter productive because of fluid buildup.

What I do need is to get some silver theraband because the yellow is too thin and stretchy. I am sure the silver will be better. Can you give me that thread for ordering it again?




I have also measured a near 1/2” increase in circumference when I do what I call a base wrap. It took me a while to get the tightness just right. I can leave it for up to an hour sometimes but it does become purple and a little cold. I was worried about long term effects of this or tissue death but my normal color always returns after a few minutes when I remove it. Another key for me was applying it when there is at least a 50% erection. If there is less it is hard to get blood to go beyond the wrap and it will never take off. Also, I wrap as close to the base as possible.

It’s difficult to believe this is fluid buildup. First of all, I usually reach max size after a few minutes, whether it’s the first application or not. Secondly, vascularity is very, very prominent, much more so than a normal erection. Finally, when I remove the wrap, there is no obvious fluid buildup. Once or twice at the end of a 4 or 5 session wrap I have noticed a slight fluid buildup around the circ scar but it is barely noticeable.

If it is fluid buildup then this won’t be as effective as I thought.

Yes I agree. I get this max size before their could be build up, which comes after a long time. I used to wear it for 30 min or so but then I started getting numb (like when your foot falls asleep). I got nervous about this so I reduced to 20 minutes. The ride to class is sometime a long one so in those cases I use less pressure so I can wear it for a longer time period. I also have to move the wrap up and down the shaft to avoid soreness.


just a comment...

i have a comment that is similar to this topic… i don’t use any uli thing or anything but i have also wondered the same thing… when i am doing my routine, many times my dick appears a lot thicker, especially in the head, even when i am not fully erect, yet if i obtain an erection by other means, whether it be spontaneous or from porno or whatever, it’s visibly LESS thick, but definitely much harder… and this is noticeable especially in the head as well. when i get an erection any other time of the day, my head isn’t very big at all, but during and after my routine, it’s quite big and i’m really happy with the way it looks too… so even tho the whole thing is softer, it’s thicker… how does that work? the other thing is i’d like to get more blood in my head when i get an erection, even if it’s not as hard

I’ve often wondered if there is a mechanism at work that makes the tunica “harden” during an erection. At times, I’ve captured blood in my shaft while not erect or even excited, and it’s plumped up larger and thicker than a rock hard erection, like the tunica is in a totally relaxed state or something.

I think there is something at work here, I just don’t know what it is.

Also, isn’t that one of the ways viagra is supposed to work, allow for tissue relaxation? Where is the small amount of smooth muscle in the shaft located? Perhaps it is the limiting factor in an erect penis, becoming very rigid and not allowing further expansion as when it is in a relaxed state during an extreme uli?

I don’t know…

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

I do not use a traditional Bib-style “Uli Thing”, but when I do perform extreme Ulis my penis gets far harder than it could ever hope to get with a natural erection or manually OK clamped uli.

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