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Have been lurking for some time and was curious about measuring. If measure ebp on top I get about 5.8. If i measure per Size where ruler is on the side, I get 6+ . Which is right for discussion and to be a part of database. Also get different measurments if left side or right . Any thoughts? Began about 3 weeks ago , JAI, Jelq and some DLDs about 20-30 min daily hoping for 7+

I think that on top is more accurate and reproducible, but do whatever you feel comfortable with, just be consistent.

For discussion - either.

For size’s database I guess you should do what he says (btw I’m in the database and I broke his rule - I guess I should add a little length to each entry on my record…Nah.

Use the side that gives you the most flattering number and always use the same spot, posture, line of sight etc.

I think that your goal is for an additional inch in length or so, you don’t say what your girth is or any thing about a goal there. In any case 7” is a reasonable goal but keep in mind that it is good to have small short term goals to work on.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

hi workinit nice to see you here,

The newbie forum is full of great info on measuring :)

This differential between the side and top measurements is normal. I measure on the top. The important thing is to be consistent. Its not so much about where is shows on the ruler as the difference between sets of measurements taken through the months. Its all about the gains.

Just find which gives you the most consistent readings and stick with it.

Luvdadus replied whilst I was writing. So excuse the repetition

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