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Measuring the whole picture - Volume

This really doesn’t seem right, I mean calculating volume is wrong in my opinion. Knowing your gains in volume is useful becausd you are seeing in total how much meat (flaccid) or blood space (erect) there is. Really the only accurate way to know is by water displacement.

I have a cup that I use for warmups that fits perfectly but you could use any long cup as long as your balls don’t go into it and you don’t force too much fat pad into it. Basically:
1. Fill the cup to the brim, tip into a measuring jug, record the amount
2. Refill the cup leaving a bit out so you don’t spill so much and dip your penis into the cup.
3. Measure the remaining water and subtract that from your first measurement. Done. 1ml is 1cubic cm and other conversions google will do for you ie. “120ml in ci”

An alternate method would be to put the cup inside the measuring jug as you insert into a full cup (no spillage). *Either way this is a simple and accurate (and imo the only) way to measure volume.*

I will try this way and by calculating before I start PE again in a few days and report on the inaccuracy of using a generic equation (every penis is a different shape)

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I have used the mathematical formula for calculating volume. I believe that is what is used here at Thunder’s, because I get the same volume which is given when one enters his data. My volume is just a tad under 29 cu. in. I believe that no matter which method is used, that is still quite a bit of penis volume. Basically everything is relative.


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Originally Posted by remek

You are correct. The volume displacement method is probably the best way to get an EXACT measurement. However, I am sure that doing a simple mathematical equation would be faster, easier, and will get the job done.

But what about us guys who don’t have the same girth all the way through? I have NBPEL 7.25” and girth just under my head is about 5”.midshaft is 5.5 and base is 6”.
Would it be sensible to just say average of 5.5 all the way? But even then there are people with more severe differences. Just going average of 5.5 I guess that leaves
Me with 39.875 cubic inches? That seems alittle high to me

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Well, if you measure your true volume (with help of water or whatnot),

you will have an equation system with 3 variables, 2 known, 1 unknown - volume, length, girth.

You can solve for girth and have a pretty much average girth for your length that yields your actual volume.

Thats an idea…

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