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Measuring girth, toilet paper roll...


Best way to measure girth is to use a string around your cock and then measure the string. Works for me. Can’t get a toilet paper roll over mine now anyhow. Which does make me smile.

A dollar bill. It’s 6.125 inches long.

I have one toilet paper roll measuring at about 5.3125 inches and a second toilet paper roll measuring at about 6.125 inches. Not sure about the inner portion, but I would say about 0.25 inches smaller.

If all you have is a a string or cut a strip of paper, you can use it to go around your penis and mark it and then measure it with a regular ruler.

I have a printer that can also copy, so what I did was copy my ruler and then cut it out. The measurements are exactly the same as the ruler.

Get an old pair of shoes and take out the laces, cutting them to a reasonable size. Put it next to a ruler with your size marked up on it.

Or just buy a soft flat tape measure.

I have measured a few different brands an noticed about 0.2 of an inch variation. I use a tailors tape to measure girth. Still I think my ideal girth would be 5 3/4 inches though I will gauge this on my Wife’s sexual pleasure.

People may have different toilet paper roll sizes in girth. Also some people use a smaller width or larger width girth measuring tape and that can give you different numbers as well.

As long as you measure the same way each time you will be able to see if there is a change, really that is what it is about seeing a change so we know what we are doing is successfully making us bigger.

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