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Measuring Girth During Uli

Measuring Girth During Uli

Would a girth measurement during a Uli be a good way to track progress (if you could even do it)? Kind of like a flaccid-stretched-length-measurement?

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It might be interesting, but could be discouraging. Your fully engorged measurement while doing an ULI always be much larger than a normal erection at any one time.

Head gains are slow, and it takes consistant work.


You’re right about that, but if that measurement keeps increasing, wouldn’t that mean you’re gaining? I guess you could just measure your regular erection to check for results, that’d be easier. I guess I need to lay off the dust. :)

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“Your fully engorged measurement while doing an ULI always be much larger than a normal erection at any one time.”

So if my girth measurement under Uli stress is a half inch bigger, wouldn’t it eventually increase through doing it consistently?

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That is what my new plan is, trying to get HIM to 6” girth (SWOLE). I got him to 5 7/8” yesterday. So, within a week in gonna keep going til I reach 6”. I agree with you Prickle, if you can keep swelling him up bigger and bigger, that almost has to mean he is growing.

1.25 inches down, 1.75 to go!!!!!! For 8" NBP


Sure. My point is, you will never catch your tail. As long as you know that, it’s OK.


Even with the thing on, I don’t get much of a swell anymore.

It is maybe 1/10th of an inch bigger than a normal erection measurement.
So I find it easier to just measure then, without having to get and maintain a fickle erection and grab out the ruler then..

Prickle, you´re echoing my very thoughts. I see uli girth as maybe 80% attainable. Example: I have a normal EG of about 4 5/8” to 4 3/4”. With an uli it is usually about 1/2” more. This tells me that I could cement about 80% which is 0.4” extra girth.

The figures are rough, but I feel that if you can get it temporarily, you can cement a bit, and then hopefully it will continue to be 1/2” bigger than this cemented girth.

I think it’s all about time under pressure and consistency. If my dick is a half inch thicker in the Uli thing, and I’m using it every day, eventually it will get to that thickness, then there will be another level to get to. Another plateu.

Like Bib said, I’ll be chasing my tail, and that’s cool. As long as I’m growing, who gives a damn? If I ever get to 6” or 6.5” girth and my dick is 7” of girth in the Uli thing, I doubt I’ll mind at that point.

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