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I have always wondered why we don’t just measure the shaft in the FSL? The head size is not important and it differs alot from time to time. I have always measured this way and it keeps it MUCH easier to see if you have any gains along the tunica. There is no point including the head in the measurement as you don’t lig/tunica stretch to lengthen the head? You get my point?

As I have (quite) long head in erect state my FSL and EL is almost the same. But when just measuring the shaft my way I see the true difference.

Restarting everything.


what counts for me is the head size alone!!! I feel that stats is more like virtual reality, but what really matters is what you finally see. For appearance & for stimulation, a mushroom is any day better than a regular dick. That’s another reason why I don;t care about my FSL.

Who cares if you are 8” FSL if your EL is only 6 or 6.5”. FSL does not mean anything according to me!

Rg: Yes I really see your point, I do enjoy EL gains more than FLS gains. When we stretch our dicks as we do(?) it both enlarges in the FLS and EL state. For most of us these gains don’t go hand in hand all the time. And if you don’t have any EL gains you might have a FSL gain which might be a sign that you are adapting and growing… Then if you include your glands the measurement will be unsure. As you have stretched you’d like to see if you have succeeded with your stretching not jelquing, therefore is the head irrelevant.

Restarting everything.

hey cow, I meausure all the time and measure both to the head and to the end of the head. You are exactly right, if I do a lot kegels or slap the old boy around a bit my head fills up more which distorts the measurements

Holmys: You are damn right, just what I keep saying. When you check out for FLS gains just measure the shaft, the head size varies.

Restarting everything.

If youre stretching by grabbing the glans and you measure from base to tip of the glans…that’s accurate. Flaccid stretched length is the most accurate way to track length gains because, you dont have to worry about erection quality that particular day.


When is the last time anyone here had sex with a FS one?

I thought so.

IMHO, this measurement is virtually irrelevant.

Irrelevant for sex.

Consistent for tracking progress though.

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

Where’s the best spot to place the ruler while measuring your FSL? On top? On the side? I’m talkin’ NBP here… that shit hurts.

Becoming.... Godsize

Prickle: Try to get a ruler which is not hard. You know one of these 1.5 m long, hm, guess I can’t explain more accurate :)

Restarting everything.

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