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measuring curved penis

measuring curved penis

Any suggestion? I always have to wait til its alittle less than fully erect til I can measure. I measure using a straight ruler along the side on penis

Also making gains on this routine.

100 PC sqeezes stretch DLD Blasters :-)

Stretch 20 reps 5 sec mostly downward angle

Modified DLD superset routine

100 jelq
2 sqeezes 10-15 sec
50 jelq
2 sqeezes 10-15 sec
50 jelq
2 sqeezes 10-15 sec
50 jelq
2 sqeezes 10-15 sec
4-5 stretches 10 sec (straight out)

Other Notes
stretch AM everyday
PM stretch and SS routine 5-7 day depending on time and recuporation.

If your erection is too curved to allow straightening it when you are 100% erect you may consider using tailors tape to simply follow the curve. If the curve is real severe you may want to measure the inside and outside of it and take the average of the two for your final length determination.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Just take a “bendable” ruler, you know one of these “papermade” so to say… Damn I wasn’t born in an English speaking country sometimes :)

Restarting everything.

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