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Measurements after workout

Measurements after workout

When measuring BPEL after workout, how much more BPEL and EG do you get, compared to a measurement done after a rest day?

I can see that BPFS as well as FG increases, and the non strectched flaccid length increases A LOT after a good jelq session, but how about the BPEL and EG?


After jelqing or clamping, my BPEL seems unchanged, my EG however is usually around +1/4”.

After hanging though, my BPEL can be about +1/8”.

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When I measured many moons ago, there was no change in BPEL, just a change in EG. When I was hanging extensively, BPFSL increased dramatically by 1 inch.


I do an “official” measurement on Sundays before my jelq/stretch routine, and an “unofficial” measurement afterwards. Both measurements are usually about 1/8 inch greater, but sometimes there’s no difference at all in one dimension or the other.


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