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does one lose size


Of all the people that I have talked to about size lost after they stop nobody has lost a lot of size most people report maybe losing 5% of there new added size not total size. Checked out your clubs but I haven’t had time to post or anything.

Dino}:-) ~

Dino 775

Why did they stop? Because they reached their goals? Did they do exersises to maintain what they had achieved?



Most people stop because there wives or girlfriends can’t handle anymore size or they just don’t have the time. I don’t think you would lose anything if you did a couple of jelq sessions a week after you reached your goal but I don’t know for sure we are the test subjects. I should be at my goal by the spring 8x6 I’m at 7.75
and a tad over the 6. I really don’t think I will be able to stop but I will cut back some what.


Back to the Flaccid Measurement Question, boys and

I’m going to throw a spanner in here, as I reckon that one of the goals of PE is that when you drop your pants at any occasion, you want them all to gasp in amazement.

Therefore it’s the minimum that it shrinks to that is the important dimension when it comes to soft dick.

Naturally, we’re trying to maximize that dimension.

That’s also important if you’re going to show it off in you pants or your swimmers, etc. Can’t rely on hot showers to help under these conditions.

So I reckon that the important dimensions for us are MAX erect length and girth, and MIN flaccid length and girth.



You are 100% right that big flaccid size can mean everything I was hanging out at a biker party this summer and I was trying to get this girl to take her top off and to jump up and down on the trampoline well she said she would if I took of my pants and joined her well everybody at the party heard her and started chanting for me to go on and do it so I did and thank god it was a very big flaccid day it was right after I had started taking vigorplex the first couple of weeks I took it I had great fluffy flaccid size also I had did some jelqing and squeezes right before the party so it would look fat in my jeans. Well anyway thanks to having a large flaccid size that day I got the rep of being very well hung with all the guys and babes I hang with some of them started calling me horse. It’s kind of messed up that flaccid size can change so much I mean I could have been the butt of dick jokes instead if I was having a really bad flaccid day. I wish I could just maitain the same large flaccid size all the time



just curois to why your on the forum, are u just curois or do u have a boyfriend. Anyways its great to have u aboard, we could use more female oppinion.


Check out DiamondWinds yahoo clubs and all your ? will be answered she fits in with all of us believe me. The links are somewhere up in this post


Why am I here?

Well the reason I’m here is because I am very interested in men’s cocks to be honest. I was sort of invited and I’m a very curious person. Plus this is a subject I always like talking about. Its pretty obvious if you go check out some of the yahoo clubs that I’m a founder of. Here’s are a few of them. I am always holding contests for the clubs to encourage the guys to show off.

Thanks you guys for answering my questions about the size matter. Are there actually cases where the man had to stop the exercises because he was just getting to big for her? That’s hard for me to imagine. Hope you all get to your goals and stay there.

Hi DiamondWind

I love the fact that your so honest about size and you really love cock, most women dance around the subject. I saw my posting bud Big Bobs picture on your site he’s a big boy and a pe’er but he was big to start with. You fit right in with a bunch of guys who think about there own cock all the time, even if it’s there own



Thanks for making me feel welcome. So you know Bob? Hes a great guy and he does have a big cock too. Bonus!! He won my first contest. Just wanted to say thanks and if you want to join my clubs feel free.


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