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When people talk about the length of their erection in the studies which have been done is this measured bone pressed and withy the penis at a 90 degree angle to the body? (i measure about a 1/4 inch shorter with my penis pointing straight up)
Am i right in thinking the average is somewhere around 5.5 inches long?
What is the average girth?
(Sorry if these questions seem stupid but i never know as there seems to be so many different figures flying around)

I always measure non bone pressed as this is what is visible to me, but maybe i’m bigger than i thought if these studies are all done bone pressed? :)

Thanks for any feedback!

See Ya,


Hey BigJ

Check the Links Forum for a lot of different links to different surveys. I don’t believe more than one or two were done bone pressed. The numbers and the methods for coming up with these numbers leave a lot to be desired. The surveys with the best methodology have too small of a sample, and the ones with the large number of subjects have shoddy methods of taking measurements, including depending on guys to be honest and post their dick measurements on the web. Maybe make average an average of the averages??

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